Michigan State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The ability to do so many things. Sometimes time management is hard because you want to be apart of all the extra curriculars while still trying to focus on classes and studying.


The worst thing about Michigan State is the parking, and the rent for any housing. There is no where to park that is decently cheap on campus. Also, living anywhere even remotely close to campus you are paying 500+ a month.


The worst thing about my school is the ability to be felt like a small spec in a every so big world. My school is huge with multiple thousands of people, but yet I still am alone and have no real friends here. Most of the people I somewhat interact with are into drugs and alcohol and so I do not hang out with them outside of school. I have yet to find people to hang out with that do not use drugs or alcohol.


The worst things is that I had to graduate and leave.


Size Matters! I wouldnt say that it's a terrible thing about the school but I would say that it's something I wish I would have given more thought to. Thsi campus is huge and in the winter months it can make it very difficult to get from one class to the next in a timely manner.


The grading scale is very hard to deal with. Its quite inconsistent.


I would consider the transfer program to be the worst part of Michigan State University. While I am extremely happy at MSU, I had a very hard time actually transferring. I had a 3.49 GPA after my first year of college and a strong application, but MSU told me I didn't have a very specific math class, so I could not transfer. I took the class, but then the transfer councelor refused to return my calls. The situation ended up working out, but it would have been easier if not for the one transfer counseor.


Michigan State University has many interesting programs, a wide variety of activities to join, and great professors but, on the downside, the campus is enormous. I went to Hackett Catholic Central High School, a school of roughly 350 students a year, so the school was very small. I had trouble my first year at Hackett finding my classes, so getting around at Michigan State is going to be a challenge. There are thousands of students at Michigan State University, if they can do it so can I!


The worst thing about Michigan State University is the cost to attend, although its one of the greatest investments I am making, it can be overwhelming when federal financial aid doesnt cover the entire cost.


My only issue is knowing where things are. It's a big campus, so it's a little hard to get used to.


The worst thing about MSU would be the perceived reputation as a complete "party school". Despite MSU being one of the best schools in the world, it sometimes feels as though people don't take the education you are getting as serious. I was one of those people before I enrolled. The minute I stepped foot on campus, I realized. Instantly, the community; the surroundings of the university engulfed me and within a few moments I felt the Spartan sprit run freely through me. The only thing I wish is for more people to realize the same things I did.


I find this school to be fantastic. However, scheduling can be quite a hassle especially if you participate in school activities such as athletics or band. If it conflicts with your practice time, you cannot take the class and no exceptions are usually made which at times can be disappointing.




The worst thing about school has to be not knowing anyone that can help me with important decisions towards my major, such as which classes are important to take even though they aren't part of my requirements? I have many more uestions that need to be answered.


The sheer size of the school definitely has a down side. Sometimes you feel lost in the thick of things. Even though there is a sense of community at Michigan State, it's hard to get more of that family feeling because it's so big.


That it is so big I won't get to explore and see every part of it.


I believe the worst thing at my university is the amount of people who do not care about their education present at the university. Michigan State is known as the "party school" of Michigan, and that is evident among the attitude of most of my freshman peers. They live to party, and this affects the education of everyone, even those, like myself, who attend Michigan State for an education. Most weekends, often starting on Wednesday of all nights, the girls in my dorm invite many of their friends over, causing much noise and making it difficult to study.


The worst thing about my school is all of the people who think if you have a "pulse" you get in or it is full of drunks. It makes me angry because every college has alcohol and when you single out the college I am attending it infuriates me because I worked very hard through high school to make it this far and I am not about to sit there and have people rag on my school.


It's a large campus so it takes a while to get to classes. You need to plan your classes accordingly so you have time to get from one building to the next.


The worst thing about Michigan State University is that it is so big of a school that it is easy to become just a number instead of being a valued student. The school is known as being a very large school, not just population wise but the campus is big as well, so with issues like finding help with class or getting involved with campus activitites can be hard. Also knowing where to go to get help or involved is an issue I struggled with my freshman year.


Michigan offers a wide variety of classes for about anything you want to pursue. There is strong school pride in their sport programs. There is a wide variety of diversity. Michigan offers a wide variety of many things for everyone who wishes to attend.


The winter.


MSU is a large university and can seem impersonal because of its size. It is important to find a niche at MSU where you can make friends with similar interests.


The worst thing about MSU is the walking distance required to make it to some of my classes. Ifone class runs late, it could hinder my ability to make it on time to another one of my classes that may be closely scheduled.


The one thing that frustrates me most about my school is how hard it is to get into the nursing program. I am a sophomore this year and I have been working at William Beaumont Hospital-RO for two years, and I love the career of nursing. I would love to get my degree in nursing at MSU but it is extremely discouraging when they only take 60 students a semester and there are over 44,000 students who attend. There is a great need for nurses, and I just wish they would accept more than 60 students a semester.




The worst thing about Michigan State University is the cost of tuition, for me. It's the worst part because I don't come from a family with very much money. I grew up in Texas until I was 13, and then attended high school and the end of middle school in Okemos, Michigan, which is a very wealthy community though my family wasn't wealthy. It's hard to pay for tuition even with the amount of aid I receive and the number of jobs I work.


The worst thing about Michigan State University (MSU) is its size. MSU is one of the biggest schools in the country--both in number of students and geographic area. While this size provides amazing opportunities (the campus has its own supercollider) and many chances to meet new people, if makes it really difficult to get to know people as more than simply an acquaintance. The geographic largeness also makes for a lot of walking--which isn't fun in the rain. Luckily, MSU has a very good bus system.


I consider the worst thing about my school is that it is a party school. The ruckus starts Thursday night and continues through Sunday morning; game day is even worse. The students (especially the freshman) take advantage of the enormous population of bars, frats, and the absense of parents and do things they wouldn't normally do. It's sad to see so many good people lose themselves in the chaos of freshman year and end up dropping out. Every school has their ups and downs, but I feel that this is the most promienent problem here at Michigan State.


Although the university has over 200 majors and minors, there are a few very popular programs like pharmacy and occupational therapy that aren't offered as majors, which makes students uninterested in attending.


The worst thing about Michigan State is the dIstance it is away from my home.


The worst thing about Michigan State University is the amount of people who center themselves around small things of life; worrying and obsessing about it to the point that their mood can negatively others.


This is a particularly hard question considering I love most things regarding my school, but I would have to say the biggest negative about MSU is the size. Our campus houses about 46,000 students and has lecture building across campus. Sometimes it is frustrating to know that you have a twenty minute walk to class. This bothers some students, but I quickly became accustom to it therefore leaving no lasting effect upon myself. I have enjoyed my time here and a bigger university only means there are more people for one to meet.


The sheer number of students that attend MSU sometimes makes it a little overwhelming, and occassionally I feel like I get lost amidst a sea of other undergraduates.


It's very sterotypical, people really don't think for themselves. All anyone cares about is partying and boys/girls. I think that can all be fun but I prefer people with depth and you won't find that here.


The worst thing about my school is the party atmosphere. It is almost impossible to turn down a party, due to the amount of pressure placed on a person by peers.


I would say the worst thing about MSU is the crowded buses and the fact that MSU is known as a party school. The crowded buses make it unmotivating to go to class and sometimes you can be late. The fact that MSU is known as a party school is the worst part because the school has so many opportunites for students that it is more than socializing and drinking.


I think the worst thing about MSU is the order of priorities in the Administration Departments. For example, I am currently enrolled in the Deaf Education program, the only Auditory-Oral program in Michigan. Unfortunately, this year MSU has had to make budget cuts. But, instead of the adminstration taking a slight paycut they have decided to cut this program as well as about 30 others. If the president of MSU, took a 50% cut she would still be making over $200,000/year. Part of our motto is "transforming lives". I don't think cutting these programs agrees.


The amount of time it takes to walk to class, about 45 minutes to get to the other side of campus.


The worst thing is the amount of time it takes to walk to the different buildings, although it contributes to one of the best things, which is the beautiful campus that encompasses said buildings.


It doesnt have as many resources for job placement as some of the smaller schools.


The worst thing about Michigan State is how expensive it can be. College is going to cost money, anywhere you attend. But attending a Big Ten school can be a bit pricey. As tuition continues to rise its going to become even harder to make ends meet. It's frustrating to be in a place you love so much, and to be experiencing so many great things, being exposed to great professors and classes, all the while having to worry about how you're going to pay for everything. Money complicates things.


Our football team!


The worst thing about my school is the bus system. .At Michigan State, the buses do not run as regularly as the buses do where I am from. There are some buses that come every 7-10 minutes which is not bad. However, there are some buses that come every 20 minutes. During the winter, many people take the buses and as a result the buses are usually crowded. If you are in the back of a long line waiting to get on the bus, you may not be able to board the bus and you have to wait longer.


big, so many people here


There is really nothing I concider bad about my school.


The worst thing about my school is that it gets so cold here and you to be out in the freezing cold and snow. When you see six inches of snow it really discourages you from wanting to go to class.


The worst thing about MSU would be, from my experience, the grading from the professors and TA's. Most grade extremely tough and don't take the students views or interpretations into consideration. From my prospective, all they care about sometimes is the fact that they are getting paid. They are good about office hours and one-on-one, but they care about themselves and don't take all the students needs into consideration.


If you want help for anything, such as advising or career replacement, you need to seek it out yourself. All of the resources are there, but no one is going to hand it to you. You need to do the work and research for that sort of thing.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of culture intigration. I feel that alot of the people that attend this school are exactly they same. They wear the same cloths, grew up in the same suburbs, and attended the same highschools. This not only gives them an advantage to those who grew up in less fortunate surroundings, but it also keeps them in the majority posision that they held in their formative years. I feel this is an injustice for the majority because it is not a very good example of the real world.

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