Michigan Technological University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I believe my school is best known as an engineering school, and possibly also our pep band. It is known as a good school to go to if you want to do any sort of engineering.


Michigan Tech is best known for the engineering programs that the school offers, in addition to the research and protypes that the school produces.


Michigan Tech is best known for their engineering program. It is one the United States top 100 engineering institutions.


Creating Engineers to make the world a better place. Also for Winter Carnival, which a fun time.


Pep bad, Men's Hockey, Winter Carvinal, location, Research, Engineering


Engineering, tons of snow, Winter Carnival, Hockey, Engineering, their own ski hill, guiness book of world records for loudest pep band, and engineering.


Michigan tech is best known for its heavy work load and wintery weather. I have heard several times that it is easy to get into tech but hard to get out successfully. It is a lot of work, but all this work prepares you very well for the work force. Many employers respect the university and look favorably on graduates from here. If you are not a an of the winter weather, Michigan tech might not be the place for you, but there is plenty of outdoor activities to take part in in the winter.




Engineers, forsetry, cold, snow, tough school, hockey, small campus, nice scenery, sciences and math


Michigan Tech is best known for it's schools of Engineering. There are many degrees offered here on campus with a focus of engineering from mechanical to electrical to forestry. If you want to create something new one day then this school can teach you how to design it.




My school is best known for producing excellent students post-graduation. Many of our engineers and scientists have immediate job placement and excel in their fields of study.


Engineering, keg parties, pasties, Big snow and broomball.


Engineering. Drinking.


MTU is best know for spectacular Engineering programs shaping well rounded students who are revered in both Industry and Academia.