Michigan Technological University Top Questions

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It's in the middle of nowhere, Upper Penninsula Michigan. We are the 3rd snowiest city in the country and students get free acess to a ski hill. Michigan Tech is one of the nations best engineering schools. We have higher than 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} placement rate after graduation.


It has a small, very diverse campus where everyone is very friendly. There are always options of something to do outside of classes. Professors are very research oriented and are always looking for help in their labs, which can make for a very good and convenient learning experience.


I like that the school was small. In a small school you have the opportunity to get to know your professors and your professors getting to know you. That was something important to me to be able to talk to my professors and have a one on one with them to get help in the area where i might be struggling.


the strong community atmosphere and the weather.


We are smart and proud of it. Not only are we one of the best Engineering schools in the country, we have incredible school spirit. We have the loudest Pep Band in the nation as well. They wear black and gold vertical-striped engineer overalls and have cheers that involve e^x. They also have 3 Accordionists in the band.


Something unique about my school is that most of the students that are enrolled at Michigan Tech are men. The guy to girl ratio is about 7:1. Yet, there are more girls in my major, which is chemistry, than there are guys.


I think the environment around the school is very different than other schools in Michigan. With the cold temperatures of the Upper pennisula, the school does a really good job keeping the students active and healthy, for example broomball. I also like that the campus is smaller than most in michigan. With the smaller number of students I feel like I received more financial help than if I would have attended else where.


The school strives to create a community of students who are dedicated and want to be here. It takes a lot to survive up here in the U.P. of Michigan but if you can stay through the winters you'll receive a world class education and meet some amazing people, both students and faculty.


I liked that it was a small campus in a very rurual area. It is in a city of less than 12,000, and the surrounding area has a lot of stuff to do and explore. There are a lot of outdoor activities to do up there. I wanted a small campus, and I wanted it to be some place that wasn't a big city. Also, I wanted it to have a really good program for my major, which it does.


Michigan Technological University is, unique to it's atmosphere; academic ability and resources it provides to students and faculty. There are many options that come along with this school and plenty of technical terms to learn and continue learning as we go along. In my opinion sociolizoing is a great way to meet new people; there are even experiences to work with students and faculty off campus on current project work.


Michigan Tech had just the right amount of people and is a great size making it easy to get to class and around in general on campus.