Michigan Technological University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Love it! So much to do if you are an outdoors athletic person. Everyone is very friendly too.


The best thing about Michigan Tech, hands down, is the people; there is always someone around like you or a group on campus you fit in with. The Residence Halls have resident Assistants who care about you as a person and will do almost anything to make you feel welcome. The town is small but everything you need is within a 30 minutes walk and the community on campus roles into the community where people are nice and approachable everywhere. It is tough your first couple of years at school because the class sizes are huge and it's hard to be personable with your professors.Although some classes are big you do get small classes where you have a more one on one relationship with your professor and as you advance in your schooling the classes get smaller and this makes those first few classes worth suffering through.


My overall opinion of Michigan Tech is that it is a great place to get your education. The reputation that it has makes people that I talk to be like "really you go to Michigan Tech". I love the reputation that Tech has. Also, the orientation process is unique and awesome. it makes the new incoming students feel welcome to the university and become familiar with the campus. My favorite part about Michigan Tech is being Greek. I am a Brother at Phi Kappa Tau and love it. It is the one thing that I would never change about my college career. The biggest event on our campus is Winter Carnival in the spring. We build huge snow statues and have a lot of fun in the snow.


I love Michigan Tech. The staff and faculty at MTU is very friendly and helpful. The semi-small population at MTU gives students a better chance of acquiring special on-campus research jobs and one-on-one training with professors. Michigan Tech embraces "creating the future" through research, activities, and student involvement. MTU is located in the Keewenaw Peninsula in Michigan, which allows students the opportunity to explore many beautiful places. Students carry their Husky spirit with them everywhere, and everybody seems to enjoy the atmosphere of Michigan Tech and Houghton, where MTU is located. I would recommend this college to anyone. Michigan Tech students have many opportunities in college and after they graduate that are not available in many other places.


I love my school because it has so many resources available to help you succeed!


Coming to this school, I was convinced by my parents to attend. I wanted to pursue journalism and writing, but Michigan Tech was widely known for science and engineering. I was scared I wouldn't find that niche I so badly wanted. When I got here, I participated in every writing activity possible. I fit right in. I'd say the best thing about this school is it doesn't matter what you want to study, as long as you want it bad enough you can make it happen here. One thing I'd change about the school is I'd add a Journalism major! We have the classes, we just need the money to support it. The surrounding towns, Houghton and Hancock, are pretty small and thus the school has maybe 5,000 students. Although a lot of students are happy with the size because it is easy to stick out and create change, rather than being just another face on campus, lost in the crowd. Being associated with Michigan Tech is an honor, because if you graduated from Michigan Tech, you are presumed to be "smart." So it's not a school I am ashamed to put on my resume. In high school, I spent all of my time in the art room. At Tech, I and many other students spend their time in computer labs, working on projects. A lot of the labs have a friendly atmosphere and are open 24/7. We just had our Humanities lab completely updated and redone, and it emanates a very tech-savvy, new-media-friendly feel. The one thing I will always remember about Michigan Tech, is the first hall I ever lived in, the Visual and Performing Arts learning community. I made friends that will last a lifetime and, it being a new addition to the residence halls at the time, was an unforgettable experience that I thank Michigan Tech for.


The main opinion of Michigan Tech is that it is one of the top engineering schools and this is true. Whenever I talk to industry engineers they always recognize Michigan Tech as one of the best.


I love Michigan Tech. I transferred up here from a different university in Midland, Michigan and when I first got here I was sour and hated it. Both of my parents went to Tech so I wanted to go anywhere but in their footsteps. Once I got here and learned to make the best out of it, I fell in love. I love the fact that you can have the best of both worlds. If you love outdoor activities like hiking, biking, canoeing, swimming, snowboarding and pretty much anything else then this is your place. You get to experience all of that, and then there is the "other world." If you're into to the whole party scene and like to go out and have a good time, we have that too! Earlier this month, Houghton's first night club opened up and there are also lots of frat parties, bars, etc. Another thing that really makes Michigan Tech special are the people here. We are such a diverse group of students and there is a friend here for anyone. We have jocks, nerds, preps, barbies, the emo crowd, the "gansta" crowd, and so many more clicks and groups, but when you get down to it, everyone gets along with everyone. Michigan Tech is one of the only places I know where you can walk into a classroom, sit down by anyone and immediately feel comfortable talking to them. They will accept you and work with you and not judge who you are. Tech is a medium size school so you are constantly meeting new people and making new friends and I honestly can never get enough.


Michigan Tech is a very prestigous university that really lives up to its name. The college itself is small and tight-knit, with very few large lecture halls and overall small class sizes. The professors are competent and demanding. While some are foreign, for the most part they are understandable and approachable outside of class. The engineering curriculum is advanced and challenging, with hands on experience provided through a lot of lab work. There is an excellent sense of community and Husky pride here, as can be seen through the massive attendance of our Division 1 hockey games at the beautiful MacInnes ice arena, Seasonal sports such as broomball are huge hits and a fantastic experience you won't find anywhere else. The one thing most guys here will complain about is the guy/girl ratio, as it is approximately 3 to 1. Despite that Tech is a great place to receive a quality education and have the time of you life.


I love Michigan Tech. The question I often get when people find out that I go to school in Houghton, MI is 'What do you do up there? Is it boring?' Michigan Tech is far from boring! When you are a student at Tech you get to go to sporting events for free, you get a season pass to Mt. Ripley that is located less than 5 miles from campus for free, you get to golf for free as well as use the workout facilities for free! We also have access to the Michigan Tech Trails which our nationally ranked cross country skiing, running, and mountain biking trails. The campus is also on the portage which is a body of water connecting to Lake Superior! There are so many things to do on and off campus.


My overall opinion of Michigan Tech is that it's the perfect fit for me and there are many things that make it so! Plus there are many more things for other people too. In my opinion the best part about Tech is the student life. You can make so many friends right away. I live in a special learning community where almost everyone has a related major, so there are many people up and down my hall that have the same interests as me. Student Organizations are huge at Tech! There are almost 250 official student orgs on campus and if, for some reason, there isn't something you like then you can start your own very easily.The campus isn't too big so you should be able to find people easily. The campus isn't too small either. The campus maybe takes ten minutes to walk east to west (If you walk slowly) and it takes probably less than five minutes to walk across north to south. Perfect size if you ask me! School pride is big at Tech, especially during hockey season. People were school shirts and sweatshirts all the time. I see new designs every few days! The crowds at games are always full of our colors in support. Having a pep band is a normal occurrence during a game but there is nothing "normal" about the Husky pep band. Sporting crazy, whacky and funky hats they march into their spots and proceed to be one of the loudest pep bands in the nation. (They weren't allowed to bring their instruments to an away game because that would take away the home field advantage for the other team) There are many reasons that I think Michigan Tech is a great school but these are just a few.