Michigan Technological University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Though there are a few art programs that are offered at this college, it is by far more inclined for that of the analytically inclined scholars. The University offers a large range of engineering fields in addition to a few medical programs, math, science and research as well as business degrees. So, though people from all backgrounds are welcome, I would be more inclined to invite intelligent, hardworking indivicuals with upbeat attitudes, and friendly, open minds. The school is, afterall, a very special kind of strange!


Individuals who already have an idea on what they want to do with their life. If they plan on having a non-engineering major they should be ready to deal with lack of caring from the university at events such as career fair.


A hardworking student that is eager to learn new things and have a successful career after graduation.


Any student interested in an Engineering-related major should consider Michigan Tech.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is willing to work hard. Someone who can handle lots of school work and someone who is motivated. This person should also be intersted in Engineering, STC, or Forestry


A person starting school at MTU must have a good work ethic to succeed. It is important to realize that you and only you are responsible for learning the class material. Professors do not have the time to urge every student to complete their class work.




Anyone who is relatively sure that they want to be an engineer of some kind.


Introverted, computer whiz


Anyone who likes a small school feel, with all the advantages of a larger school. If you enjoy the outdoors, and winters with a lot of snow you should definately consider Michigan Tech. Michigan Tech is a division 2 school, but the mens ice hockey team is division 1 and competes the the WCHA. All sporting events are free to students, along with access to the golf course, ski hill, and tennis center.


If you are the kind of person that is very scientifically, mathematically, or engineering minded, this is a good school for you. It also helps to like snow because it gets very cold and snows a lot. But you will also enjoy this school a lot more if you like to do outdoor activties, and you like a small town feel. This place literally is in the middle of nowhere, very close to Lake Superior. If you like experiencing all the different seasons, especially fall and winter, then this place is great for you.


Someone who is engaged in their studies, strongly enjoys the outdoors, especially the winter, and longs to be a professional engineer.


Anyone who is in anyway nerdy. I'm such a nerd, and have felt right at home. This place is like heaven for really smart people!