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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?






You can stay away from it if you choose to.


While at first glance, this appears true, it is only for about half the population. The other half is hardly seen due to their studies.


Yeah pretty much.


The grading rumor is completely inaccurate. Well, the STD rumor is inaccurate because that stereotypes everyone but they are informing freshman at MTSU Customs that 1 in 4 MTSU students has an STD but the National average is 1 in 5 so it's not like the campus is teeming with cooties.


Overall, yes. But of course there are some students who are there to learn and couldn't afford a better school.




No, these sterotypes are not accurate, there is a lot of variety in Agriculture. Just because a person is an Ag major does not mean that person is going to be a farmer.


Stereotype #1: MTSU is a "suitcase" college. This stereotype happens to be more true than not. Many students come from surrounding areas, including the Metropolis of Nashville, which is 30 minutes away, and Chattanooga, which is about 2 hours away. Many students commute fom these surrounding areas, but as for those who do reside on or around campus, many return home on the weekends which seems to be an impediment to the attendance of our football games and the like. Stereotype #2: MTSU offers a sub-par education. Being from Nashville, there seemed to always be this stigma attached to those who attend MTSU as opposed to those who venture out of their "comfort zone" that those who go to MTSU are merely settling for a sub-par education in exchange for convenience. I must admit that I was seeking the most convenient route to a college education, but settling for sub-par has proven to not be the case. MTSU is a growing and prosperous institution that recruits competent and respectable professors and instructors who expect the same from their students. I didn't expect much of a challenge when beginning MTSU (due to the stigma), but I had to quickly adjust because my intellectual ability was being challenged from my very first semester and continues to be challenged. As a Senior who will soon be graduating, I am in no way dissatisfied with the quality of education that I have received from MTSU and am certain that it has prepared me sufficiently for post-graduate education.


Of course not, we work for what we have.


Overall no but you can find someone to fit every stereotype.


NO this is a bad sterotype.


In certain scenarios, but every student you see is not stumbling drunk. Maybe slightly hung over, but not completely inebriated... yet.


Somewhat but I think MTSU is very underrated


Absolutely not!! I can count on one hand how many times I go home throughout an entire school year, and I only live 45 minutes away. There is always something going on either on campus or within the Murfreesboro community. There are concerts on campus almost every Friday evening, Division I sporting events on the weekends, and plenty of recreational activities in the rapidly growing city of Murfreesboro.


To some extend


No, none of them are true. Just because every class I take doesn't have 300 people in it does not make me or the teacher stupid. Small class sizes make for a better learning environment. We have a very good football team even though we are not in the SEC.