Middle Tennessee State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


That our nursing program is excellent!


When I talk about college I simply can't help but brag about the feeling I get when I am drawing in my art classes. The professors there are always so helpful and I could not ask for better. I have learned how to expand my artistic abilities to levels I never thought I was even capable of. At MTSU I have broadened so many of my horizons that I actually enjoy attending my classes for a change. In highschool I dreaded sitting there learning over and over what I already knew, but here I am always learning something new.


Our soccer team and both women's and men's basketball team as well as the extra curricular activites that I do with professors outside of class.


When I brag about MTSU I usually brag about how awesome the music scene is. There is always someone jamming outside the library or laying down some beats and rapping.


I usually brag about the enviroment. It's so mellow and friendly, I actually feel at home. The people around are so simpatico and very helpful. It's very secure here too. I never feel frightened when walking late at night or early in the morning. It's a nice setting.


I do not verbally support or abuse the schools I attend.


When I tell my friends about my school, I brag about the student activities and how much I love the campus. I brag about the dance program I am in and the classes that I take


In many classes, students are provided the opportunity to foster professional relationships with their professors. This allows for involvement in research or other projects which the professor may deem appropriate on which to work with the students. I am one such student with this opportunity to work with my professor. I am very grateful for the networking available and the candid professors. One could say it is a point of pride.


What I brag most about to my friends about MTSU is how much it has grown over the years. When I was younger I really didn't know and had never heard of MTSU and I lived not even ten minutes away from it my whole life. About my sophomore year of college is when I realized that MTSU was becoming a huge school, and a very good one at that. It is now the biggest school in Tennessee, and I am very proud to get to be apart of a school that has come such a long way.


How good my grades are.


When I brag about my school, I usually talk about how happy and excited people are to be here. It is a small city so it is quiet on the weekends but we are people that can work as well as we can party.


The convenience of everything you need.


This is one of the top Recording Industry schools in the nation. People come from all over the nation and world to participate in the music scene here. Becasuse of this, there is a strong sense of community between the Music Business/Recording Industry majors here. Everyone in these majors really seems to enjoy coming to classes and learning about the music field, not to mention expressing their own ideas and views.


I brag about how my school offers different type of programs and activities to help our stay at MTSU feel more like home.


I tend to brag about how great our library is on campus and also how our campus has a welcoming feel to it. If ever there is someone walking around and they look as if they need help we always have someone who is willing to help. I love our campus for our friendly environment. I am never afraid to talk to anyone on campus and feeling liked helps me to enjoy my college experience.


I tell my friends that while MTSU may be big, you still get a great sense of community. there are so many people around who want to help you to succeed and move forward. you will never feel that you are just another number here because there are so many things going on to get people involved. not only are there fun things to do, but there are plenty of on campus resources at our disposal.


The diversity. I went to a High School in Virginia and loved how diverseit was. When I came to school in Nashville, TN I had no idea what to excpet but was glad to see the cultural differences all around.


The classes, the overall atmosphere and the various campus activities.


MTSU is very diverse. There is a wide variety of things to do suitable for everyone. The learning environment is also very nurturing. Whenever you need help, someone more than like is available. The school is a well rounded university. I Love MTSU.


Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) offers a high quality education in a friendly town. Murfreesboro is large enough to have good services but small enough to be friendly and an easy place to live. MTSU offers some of the best facilities in a campus that is easy to navigate.


I mostly brag about my college's reputation. My college contains an excellent reputation when referring to academics.


I brag that my school is in Tennessee and what programs that I will be working with. Music has been my passion and my life since a very young age and i won't give up. Therefore, I will be majoring in the recording industry and minoring in music bussiness. My studies happen to be fun and exciting and hads on experiences and that I cannot wait to attend my college!


The great teachers and diversity on campus.


You can do anything at MTSU. It has something for everyone and you never run out of options.


My experience at MTSU has been mostly in the English department. However, I found the English department has a very efficient staff. They seem to genuinely care for their students, and want them to do well. The professors are always very prompt when responding to emails, and are almost always willing to proof-read assignments for you, as well as recommend the Writing Lab. I had few negative reactions with the English staff, and I am quite fond of most of them. I am returning for my Masters and I am still very exciting about studying under them.


I don't really brag about my school to my friends, but if I did I would have to brag about the campus itself. They have everything you need on MTSU's campus. A theatre, a really good medical center in the recreational facility, as well as a ridiculous amount of resturaunts.


This school is very organized and cares about their students.


I tell my friends that MTSU is a good public university that has a widely diverse population of student, and widely diverse academics. It is well-known for its aerospace, recording industry and journalism programs. It has a great agriculture progam as well. MTSU has a state of the art fitness/rec center. They are currently building a new building for the College of Business and a new student union. MTSU has a really good social atmoshere. I would choose MTSU all over again if I had to.


I love the school spirit at MTSU! Football season definitely means a great time tailgating and other festitivities. The professors are wonderful and experienced in their fields, and work with the students so they get the best education possible. MTSU is more like a small community, with a spirit of unity among the students and faculty. Although MTSU was not my first choice, I know now that I'm at one of the best schools in Tennessee...and that deserves bragging rights!


Parking, athletic events, concerts, and other social events are all free. The school does an excellent job in catering to students and their needs and requests. Most professors are easily accessible outside of class and encourage their students to succeed. Even though the school is over 25,000 strong, attending class here does not feel like a university of that size.


I brag about the caliber of my academic department, psychology.


MTSU is big enough to offer many majors and has a diverse group of students that make great contacts in the future. They also are constatnly imprivoing the campus and the city that the campus is located is also growing. It is a great place to be in college. It is big enough to give you freedom, but small enough to keep you focused.


I brag about Middle Tennessee State University being one of the top ranked schools in the nation for Record Engineering and Production.


The strong history of the school and the huge selection of clubs, classes, and dining that gives everybody something that suits them.


The football team. I am super excited at how far the football team has gone this year. Rick Stockstill is a great coach and has turned the football program to the 37 ranked team in the nation in such a short time. Not only the football team winning games, but the amount of graduates that come back to the game. The attendence at the games are huge, and its a great enviornment.


I brag about my major (Recording Industry/Music Business) , because it is a unique major and only two universities in Tennessee have that major. I also may brag about the rec center and the many different sports and organizations we have.


i brag to friends about The Dance Company MPAC, our greek life and the Football team this year. And the choices of food that Mt serves


When i brag about my school it is ussually about a teacher that has helped me out. I tend to brag a lot if i get a really good grade on a test or an assignment or i mght just brag about an assignment i just happen to like. i also might brag about the classes i was able to get into for the semester.


II don't really brag about my school much, but I do discuss what new things I am learning different assignments.


I brag most about the schools ecreational center. The rec center was recently renovated with all new equipment and a health clinic and pharmacy was add on to it. It is conviently located within walking distance from all dorms.


There isn't just a whole lot that I brag about, simply because I'm not that kind of person. Our stats kind of speak for themselves: Our science, business, aerospace, recording industry, music and theatre departments are outstanding. There's lots of cultural diversity at MTSU. We have recently topped UT Knoxville in the number of enrolled students. We have a pretty clean campus. Graduation rates are high. All these factors were reasons why I chose to attend MTSU.


Even though my school wasn't my #1 choice, I did choose it for specific reasons. I attended a major university to start with, then a community college, then when I finally figured out what I wanted to major in, I chose MTSU because it had the best program in the state for my major and offered the most financial aid.


The nice facilities and good classes that I've been able to take.


This school does not offer anything that deserves bragging rights. The only thing I could think of that might deserve bragging rights is the amount of parties thrown and the amount of alcohol consumed.


Campus is large so you get plenty of exercise! Plus there are a ton of places to sit outside and study by yourself or with friends. At MTSU we get to drink milk from cows used in the agricultural program - MTSU milk! The library is huge! There is always some activity or other going on around campus, especially a lot of performing arts - theatre/musicals/dance/opera/choir/band. Activities are inexpensive, so it is easy to have a fun night out with friends or a date!


Everyday I walk outside to music and laughter; then go to class to hard but interesting work and I love it!


Most of my friends attend the same school so they get the same wonderful experience as I do.


I love the professors in the psychology and sociology department. They are very understanding and helpful, and some of them are very interesting. They do a pretty good job of keeping students open-minded during classes where we discuss controversial topics such as politics or sexual orientation.


That my program ,Aerospace, is rated high in the top five in the country.


How close I am with my professors. They feel more like friends there to help me get through school then authority figures. They are always willing help outside of class, and give you a friendly push until you get things right. I feel like they are people I will know for a long time and they will help me with my career in the future.