Middle Tennessee State University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


It's an good school so far.


I love my school. I have some of the best professors. Our campus is beautiful and growing everyday, the food is over priced but tuition is makes up for it. I can't wait to say I am a Blue Raider Alumni.


My opinion on Middle Tennessee State University, is that this school contains balance. Which is often what schools lack. There is multiple opportunities for students to strive for.You have the chance to participate in clubs, organizations, on campus tutoring, and events. They provided you with help and chances to meet new people. They do not just want you to excel mentally, but also socially. For those reasons alone, my opinion about the school I attend continues to improve and expand greatly.


It's a wonderful school, with amazing learning facilities and lecturers as well.


MTSU is really a good school. I'M so glad that i get to go there


High school to me was one of the most amazing moments i have ever lived in my life.


I love my school. I can not even imagine having attended another university. My professors are all amazing and actually care about their students and their education. Although MTSU is the largest school in the state, it isn't overwhelmingly big. The campus is just right, and since so many students commute the area does not seem overpopulated. Parking can be quite the hassle, like at any school, but two new parking garages are in the process of being built. Our administration staff seems to be very involved on campus and show compassion towards the students and campus.


One thing I love about Texas Southern University is that it has a small class size, which promotes a positive and effective student-teacher relationship. The school also offers many scholarships to students in various disciplines. One thing I would change, if I could, about my school is the style of dressing of most students, which I think is quite inappropriate for a school setting. Nonetheless, I think Texas Southern University is a great school, and I do not wish to be anywhere else.


Overall, Texas Southern is a phenomenal university. Set in the heart of America's fourth largest city, TSU offers big city education and experiences while delivering an atmosphere that conveys Houston's tradition of Southern Hospitality. Public transportation abounds and we have everything one can desire for recreation - sports, restaurants, festivals, fine arts, etc.


My overall opinion of this school is that it is a great university staffed with awarded and capable professors. Like every other university we have our issues, but Texas Southern is a great place to earn a degree.


The best thing about this school is that despite the extremely large number of students, most of my teachers have learned my name, I am good friends with everyone in my major, and I feel safe on campus because someone I know is always close by. There are several construction projects going on right now, but they should be wrapping up soon. Otherwise, the campus is beautiful. There are plenty of park-like areas with shade trees and picnic tables to get away for a little while. Murfreesboro is a big town with small town feel. There is plenty to see and do, and I feel very safe wandering around town by myself or with my friends. The most frequent student complaints involve homework in some form or another. However, as far as the school itself goes, the only thing I personally find frustrating is the scholarship system. I received the presidential scholarship based on my high school GPA and my ACT scores, both of which I worked hard to obtain. I now have to work 75 hours per semester at the library, doing 5 hours a week. Any hours missed, including those when the library is closed, have to be made up during the week of my final exams. I feel like I am having to earn this scholarship twice. To end on a positive note, there is plenty of school spirit. My sister is in the Band of Blue, so I go to most of the football games. We have tailgating and pep rallies before every home game, and students get in free with a student ID. There are often people giving away free stuff on campus the week before a home game as well, particularly during homecoming and student appreciation week. There was one semester during my sophomore year that I got 5 free t-shirts in one week! Our football team has its good years and bad years, but our marching band is always on top of its game. At around 400 members, they are the largest group of cheerleaders you will ever see. They keep the fans and the team pumped up through the entire game. Their energy level never goes down. It's pretty cool to see.


The best thing about this school is that despite the extremely large number of students, most of my teachers have learned my name, I am good friends with everyone in my major, and I feel safe on campus because someone I know is always close by. There are several construction projects going on right now, but they should be wrapping up soon. Otherwise, the campus is beautiful. There are plenty of park-like areas with shade trees and picnic tables to get away for a little while. Murfreesboro is a big town with small town feel. There is plenty to see and do, and I feel very safe wandering around town by myself.


I love this school. My experience has been great. i have been exposed to a large range of diversity and have met many interesting people. The classes are top notch as well. You get a good, quality education for less of a cost than many schools that boast of a better educational experience. If you're looking for a bargain, MTSU is the way to go.


At MTSU, there are rarely classes where more than 100 students are enrolled. The majority of classes here at MTSU have 25-40 students. So, you get a more personal experience, more time with professors, and a better relationship with fellow classmates! Murfreesboro is fully of exciting things to do and see, so the area around MTSU is never dull. On campus, something is going on every night and the events calendars are easy to find. Making friends and networking with others are simple in this school and town. We have a small town feel but a large city mentality!


Overall opinion is I love it here. MTSU Is a university you can grow with and settle into. There is something for everyone and it is being updated all the time. One of the biggest controversial topics right now is the initialization of the no smoking on campus rule. This has alot of people Upset but even more people are happy about it. The most frequent student complaint is parking. Parking is horrible but biking is very pleasant there is also a good bus system.


This school is horrible. I started college at 24, after seven years in the Army, and when I came here, I was expecting to have the full college experience. I was hoping to make friends, experience college life, etc. Instead, I feel like I am in high school all over again. There are people here from different parts of the country, sure, but the great majority of students here are from TN, and they only make friends with the people they went to high school with. If you didn't come from their town, they don't want anything to do with you. People here seem nice at first, but there is a major difference betweeen polite and friendly. They are rude, self contained, and the majority have no desire to learn anything new or be challenged. Most people are here because they couldn't get into their first choice of schools. It's like nobody wants to be here. The athletes all wanted to go to UT or Memphis, the rich kids to Vandy, etc. This is the only division one school where you will walk around campus on an average day, and the majority of athletic gear you see represents another school. Why? Because that's where those people wanted to go. This town has over 100,000 people, but it is still run like the typical small southern town. The cops are corrupt, ten percent of the population is on probation, and the power structure is not accepting of newcomers. An MTSU grad student ran for city council this year, and the first thing said about him in the paper was he was only a six year resident. There is no effective public transportation in this city. The parking is horrendus. The school has over 32000 students, but less than 1000 computers available for use. It doesn't feel like I am going to school, it feels like I am going to a job. The majority of professors, like the students, are here because they are not qualified to teach somewhere else.


MTSU is an amazing school. I transferred here from Penn State and it has been a welcome change. I am in the Recording Industry program and can say that it's rank as one of the nations best programs is right on target. We have an amazing staff and an amazing facility and studios in which to do some outstanding work. Our graduates of this program are some of the most sought after graduates in the recording industry. And being 30 minutes from Nashville doesn't hurt either. It's not just country music here, there is so much more and so many opportunities. I am in the songwriting concentration and I have a mentor the works on Music Row that I get to go meet and visit with. How awesome is that?!?!? Anyways I think MTSU is the biggest University in TN student body wise. I think our enrollment is up to about 25,000 students but it does have room to grow. MTSU is undergoing a lot of improvements and construction now. We are getting new parking garages, adding on to our already huge rec center, and we are getting a new student center and new dorms. Parking is insane on campus because like a said earlier, everyone commutes. So hopefully the new parking garages will help, if not, get to class eeeaaaaarrrly or take the bus. Our sports teams aren't bad. Our womens volleyball team went to nationals this year and mens and womens basketball didn't do too badly either. Coming from two power house college in football previously, WVU and Penn State, it was really hard to come here and see that our football team wasn't the greatest and this town does not have much team spirit. We broke the record 3 times this year for most attendance at our games and it was a staggering 24,000. We can't even get the student body worth there which is a shame and I would really like to see that change.

Sir Cletus

First of all, I'd like to point out that this is a STATE school; it receives federal funding from income tax revenue. That said, every person in the country contributes to the well-being of this and every other state-sponsored institution. Now that I've pointed that out, I'd like to take the time to express my absolute disgust with this place; I bear nothing but contempt for the school as a whole. MTSU's sports teams are "Blue Raiders." From what I understand, that nickname was assigned to Nathan Bedford Forrest, Confederate General during the Civil War. The school also has a building named after him. I find that only somewhat distasteful. What truly disgusts me, however, is that Forrest was the first Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, and the perpetrator of the Fort Pillow massacre, a notorious Civil War atrocity committed primarily against black Union soldiers. The former is a fact, the latter is somewhat disputed. Regardless, it makes me SICK that every person in this country contributes money to a school that PRIDES itself on its link to a disgusting racist of legendary proportions. Having gotten this out of my system, there are a few other gripes I'd like to share. First, for a town as large as Murfreesboro, there's surprisingly little to do. Most students pack up and go home on the weekends anyway. That alone is pitiful. There's nothing within walking distance of campus. You have to drive everywhere. No one rides bikes. They just drive their hand-me-down BMWs and monster trucks to the closest douchebag-ridden frat boy or hillbilly bar and drink shitty beer; there's not much else here. If you want to go eat somewhere decent, prepare for nothing but chain restaurants. And there's not a SINGLE coffee shop in this wretched hellhole. The last one just closed up. Hmmm, maybe it's because they closed at EIGHT O'CLOCK. This is a fucked up town for anyone who's ever lived anywhere other than Middle Tennessee.


Murfreesboro is definately a college town in the best sense of the word. There's lots of opportunities for good food, inexpensive entertainment options, employment, and shopping. Traffic is pretty commuter friendly as well. The campus is very large which can make it seem a little impersonal since many classes are also large, limiting student-instructor interaction. The most frequent student complaint is always, parking. The parking here is horrible, you generally need to arrive on campus at least forty five minutes early for any class that starts after 9:00 a.m, even then any parking space you find guarantees you a twenty to twenty-five minute walk to class. The off campus public transportation has been a little unreliable to date. It's hard to plan on taking public transportation when the schedule varies as often as it does concerning arrival times.


I would change the way that the money is filtered out. A majority of the money goes directly to the sports programs and less to Agriculture, Biology and Chemistry. Yes, we have farms that are great for hands on work, but there is not a lot there for us to do. Less money is going to the care of the animals and the actual facilities... ie no bathrooms at any of the animal science labortories. People think that the Ag department does not matter, but Agriculture is what helps everyone in every day situations, ie. Food and clothing.


The best thing about MTSU is probably the beauty and accessibility of our campus. We have probably one of the fasting growing student populations in the South and with that comes new facilities and expanding resources for students. The Master Plan for our campus is amazing and I'm excited to see the ways that the campus will change within the next few years. Murfreesboro is a very flat town, which means that MTSU is a very flat campus. There are no huge hills that students have to trek up as with campuses like WKU or UTK. This provides a very handicap accessible campus and an easy walk between classes. One thing I would change about MTSU would be, going back to the stereotypes, changing the whole "suitcase" college aspect. As mentioned before, this adversely affects the attendance at our football games and other sports, for which we have great facililties. Our athletics program is growing at exponential rates and it would be great if there were more student support for it. Maybe if there were more student oriented events/entertainment/venues in the surrounding communinity students ould be more inclined to stay. Our school is growing by leaps and bounds and is now the largest undergraduate intstitution in Tennessee. This may be a turn-off to many prospective students, but any current student will tell you that MTSU still has a small-campus atmosphere with small classes, a low teacher-student ratio, and enough faculty and staff to serve students with any and all of their needs


More things to do around here.


If I could change something about MTSU it would be that it doesn’t really feel like college it’s more just a place I have class. There isn’t much for students to do. There aren’t places in Murfreesboro of close to campus for students to hang out and meet new people. It’s has been a hard place to make friends, I think, and the friends I do have, have come from soccer. I don’t think that many students are proud of MTSU or have any school spirit. Unlike most colleges it’s hard to get any students to sporting events. My friends’ (from other colleges) favorite time/memory of school is usually the football games but it seems that no one wants to come out and support any of our athletes. When I tell people that I go to school and play soccer here at MTSU their first two responds are either “where is that?” or “oh is that a small division II school?” These responds are kind of upsetting that such a large school hasn’t made a better name for its self.


Overall, MTSU is a great school. You have the opportunity to meet people from various countries, from various states and from all backgrounds. The school offers a variety of majors, some you may have never heard of, and the faculty to easy to talk to and very helpful (of course there are those few teachers that are jackasses). MTSU is situated i Murfreesboro, a small town thats trying to be a city. In there 2 years Ive been here, there have a been a lot of changes but mainly the addition of restaurants and shopping locations. Murfreesboro is pretty borin though unless youre into going to the bar or eating out a lot. You have to fnd your own fun here or go to Nashville (30 minutes away), Chattanooga (1.5 hours away), or Atlanta (3 hours away).


MTSU is full of opportunity and fun! There is always something going on and easy to be involved in! I love being a part of MTSU. My school is just right in size! It is also close to home, which I love! I spend most of my time at the Bookstore because I work there. I also go to the SGA office a lot. They are glad that I go to college to get a degree. The teachers and administrators at MTSU are great. Most of them are always helpful and willing to go the extra mile! The biggest recent controversary was bringing guns on campus. There is always school pride. This can be seen at sporting events and out on the knoll! I will always remember being elected as the new VPAPA and being so excited! I love being involved


MTSU is an amazing campus for student/faculty interaction. We, as in one entity and not an individual, swim in school pride. There are often controversial protests and statements of all kinds, but the point of the matter is not holding up a sign and pumping one's fist; it is the fact that we are allowed to pump our fists and hold that sign while voicing our opinion. The faculty gives the students absolute respect, and in turn our student body reacts positively and a symbiotic relationship is formed. There are need of improvements, after all: no campus is perfect. The major issue is parking, or better yet, the lack thereof. Students usually have to arrive about half an hour before their class begins so they will not be late. Yeah, it's that bad.


The best part about MTSU is people. if i could change something, i would change the fact that the sports are NOT supported by the student body at all. the school is a good size. a lot of people from where i am from don't know about mtsu even though its the biggest school in the state. i spend most of my time in the AMG. no it is not a college town i wish it was! i think that the administration is good.. i dont know much about it! the biggest recent controversy on campus is the fight the football players got in!! no there is NO school pride except the athletes and most of them don't support the other sports. i think that that would have to be the unsual thing on campus too! i'll always remember gonig to the Sweet 16!! i dont know any complaints on campus!


I wish MTSU wasnt a go-home on the weekend sort of college. I wish it was a little more focused with sports so we could have the hype that schools like UT have. there is not much school spirit at our school. MTSU is known to be pretty easy to get into so i dont think ppl take it as serious as a college which sucks


My experience in MTSU is limited to the academic life in our department, and I really do not have much to say about other things. The school size is OK. The campus is beautiful. The musical or game events are worth to go. I especially like the recreation center, which is a good place to do various kinds of exercise. However, I was kinda worried about the security on campus last semester due to some messages sent out by the President's office.


The best thing about MTSU is the people. The atmosphere at MTSU is completely different from any other campus that I have visited. The students are friendly, and willing to help one another in class. Most of the professors want to see that their students are able to apply things they learn in the class room. If I could change one thing, it would be that Freshman would have to live on campus for one year. As the largest undergraduate institution in the state of Tennessee, I would say that we are just right. Even with that many people, it is amazing how many people know each other personally. When I first started at MT, people didn't think too highly of it. Now, they see how MT has pushed me to excel from jock to Student Body President. I spend most of my time in the Keathley University Center (KUC). However, in a couple of years, MT will have a brand new, state of the art Student Union Center for students to congregate. Murfreesboro is part college town. The square resembles a college town. There are plenty of restaurants around campus that collegiates frequent. However, there is a new shopping center in Murfreesboro called The Avenue. I have never seen such a nice mall in a college town before. It reminds me a lot of the outdoor mall in Destin, FL. MT administration are some of the finest group of people of with I have had the privilege to interact. MT is one of the most efficiently ran institutions in the state by far. President McPhee values MT students' ideas, and treats us with nothing but respect. The biggest controversy recently deals with the naming of one of our buildings. MT has a building named Forrest Hall after the Confederate Soldier Colonel Nathan Bedford Forrest. The controversial history of Colonel Forrest, has caused arguments for and against the renaming of the building. The school pride is growing. Among most students, our blood runs blue. Our school pride will continue to grow with our Athletic Programs continually making improvements. My most favorite memories come from Greek Life and other areas. But the time that sticks out the most, is when a group of my friends went to watch MT play football against Vandy. We had a great time, and MT won for the third straight year! Our main complaint is parking. I have never had a problem with it, because I always ride the campus shuttle or walk.


The best thing about MTSU is the quality of faculty and staff that serves the student body. It is on eof the best in the state. Also the old Buldings like KOM, the beatiful trees, the nature and location of the campus is outstanding. The thisng that I would first cahnege is the science building. It is not upto the required standard. I would build a large science bulding that will stand out as a big attraction to Tenneessee high school graduate as the best colleg for sciences. Also Why not bult a Medical school? Pre med students have a rough time trying to apply to other medical colleges. If we had one here then many students would definately hopt to take pre professional courses. Whenever I tell people that I am in MTSU, they ussually ask me Where it is located, and what I am majoring in. The next obvious question that follows is, What is the capacity of students? I spend most of muy time in the Library and the Track since I run Track and cross country. Studying in the Linbrary is really enriching. The admistartion in MTSU is good, since all the activities synchronize well. Right from admission, extarcurricular activities to graduation. The bigggest controvercy so far in MTSU is parking, the overpriced book at the book store and the extension of the day to bult the New science building. At Mtsu there is a lot of school pride, when I come uot of a class and all I see is a grop of students dressed in blue, it trigger in me the pride of being a blue raider memebr. I will always remember MTSU for it greatness in the Academic and athletic superiority


What I love about MTSU is that it is so huge, yet I do not feel like "just another number" when I walk around campus. I feel like I know everyone on this campus, which I know is not true, but at least that's how I feel. I have a lot of school pride and I get offended when people think that MTSU is dirt compared to UT. There is not a lot of stuff to "do" around Murfreesboro as far as "going out" goes, but Nashville is not far away and Murfreesboro is continually growing.