Middle Tennessee State University Top Questions

When you step off campus what do you see?


The city of Murfreesboro was built around MTSU. It is a fairly large city, in the top 10 by population in the state of TN. Therefore, when you leave campus, you are surrounded by signs, colors, and a variety of people. Also, it is not far from the state capitol, Nashville, and with a short 30-45 minute drive, you can have access to all that it has to offer also. In Murfreesboro, there is a million different places to eat. Most students frequent the movie theaters, bowling alleys, and night clubs. Especially the night clubs. Also, it is amazing at how connected the campus is to the surrounding community. MTSU students are frequently connected by completing various community service and voluntary acts around town. Citizens are constant visitors to the campus for athletic tail gating, games, and key note speakers. It feels like high school but on a bigger scale and with less drama.


All around MTSU is a neighborhood. On East Main St there are historic mansions and houses dating back to the Civil War era along with apartments, places to eat and shop, and more. On Clark/Middle Tennessee Blvd., there are homes and apartments. On Greenland, there are local business, bookstores, nightlife, and more houses and apartments. On Rutherford Blvd., there are homes, apartments, restaurants, grocery stores and other necessary shopping. As soon as you step off of campus, you are in a quaint, old city with a modern feel and inspiring history and architecture!