Middlebury College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I am positive that for the rest of my days on this earth, I will be eternally grateful for the quality of education that I recieved. The preparedness of the professors, their expertise, the organization of the classes, and resources that were accessible created an environment that was deeply conducive to learning. My writing skills were developed in every classes, as well as my research and speaking skills. With the foundation that I built at Middlebury, I now know how to learn and am confident in taking on just about any task.


Engaging, available, and approachable professors.


Alumni network and connections post-graduation, academic rigor, overall quality of education


The dining halls and the dorms. The dining hall system is perfect - the is no limit to how many times you can go or how much you can take. The food is better than most schools and the staff is always willing to help out if you have dietary restrictions. Having guaranteed housing all four years was a definite bonus. Plus, the housing exceeds that of the standard college dorm room.


Middlebury is in the perfect New England town--historic downtown village, beautiful farm fields all around the College, and the Adirondacks and Green Mountains always within sight. I've had amazing relationships with professors; at least once a semester, I'd join my entire class at a professor's house for dinner or some other event. Middlebury paid for me, with professors, to travel to Boston, Washington, D.C., and the Galapagos Islands (off the coast of Ecuador) for course presentations and research.


I brag that it was a small school where I was able to have very close contact and teaching from my professors. I brag that our science program was exceptional and that I got to take many advanced lab courses as well as complete a full year research thesis. I often tell stories of how my organic chemistry class was very unique in that my professor (Steve Oster) was able to incorporate liberal arts and history into organic chemistry labs. He pushed us to be creative and thoughtful and appcreciate our education.


How expensive it is. How environment friendly it is. My college has it's own mountain for the students to ski and snowboard. Food. Healthy people. Smart people.


The dining plan (unlimited amounts of food, as many times a day as you wish), the great sports facilities, the nice dorms.


Quidditch, food, dining services in general, Gamut Room, Snow Bowl, Bill McKibben, Bi Hall.


My social life is awesome and I've made best friends for life. Everyone looks out for each other and the sense of community is amazing. The academics are also stellar. I know i'm learning life skills.


I have the closest, most caring, most supportive group of friends here than I have ever dreamed is possible to have. We are truly like a family that genuinely cares about each other-and we have more fun than I have ever had together too!