Middlebury College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The amount of events and clubs that you would like to become involved in, but the lack of time available due to the quantity of course work.


The most frustrating thing about Middlebury College is many students are politcally apathetic and are often too busy to pay close attention to current events.


Some students don't like that the nearsest club is in Burlington, 40 minutes away. Middlebury has two bars, and since only seniors are 21-years-old, most activity happens on campus. This is fine--the Middlebury Police do not come on campus, and the College's Public Safety is firm but nice. Just put the drink down when the lights flash, and you'll have no trouble.


The most frustating part of school was the dating scene. It is to be expected in a small college in rural Vermont. I am gay and wish there were more diversity in terms of the gay population. I would say that I had a rich social life otherwise, but I accepted early on that I would not be able to have a relationship in the way that many of my friends (including gay friends at other schools) were able to.


At times the work load can feel overwhelming, especially in the cold months of the winter, it is a very competitive school, with brilliant students so it is at times easy to feel inferior to students here, but usually it just takes finding a field and area of study that you are passionate about to overcome these frustrations.