Middlebury College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


the other students


There were a few professors who were truly extraordinary. There were very few professors whom I considered absolutely worthless, but three or four who truly stood out as exceptional. They made the experience bearable and I am grateful to have known them and learned from them. Having said that, there are schools that do better in other areas as well where I am sure you would have a similar experience finding great professors.


The best thing about Middlebury is the sense of community. It's small and isolated, but the professors and students are all part of a very coheasive community, best seen at an ice hockey game, or when something goes wrong. Midd kids love their school, and whenever there is any kind of scandal (such as a small spate of homophobia several years ago) hundreds showed up at the forum designed to discuss and solve the problem.


Excellent language programs (my major) with incredible teachers and really dedicated classmates. My learning experience and quality of education I received was the most important factor in my choice of college, and Middlebury has in that respect fulfilled my expectations


The school and the faculty value flexibility, spontaneity, pragmatism over concrete-literal "following the rules"; the school values thinking for yourself and common sense. You are expected to work hard and think independently and try new things.


Resources and facilities. The professors are amazing too.