Midwestern State University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The school is an overall good school. It's not a very big school, so the classes aren't huge so if you ever need help from a professor you would be able to get one on one time with him or her convenient to your schedule. Most people out of Texas do not know the school that well, but the school is know very well in most Caribbean island. Midwestern State University is located in Wichita Falls where there is not much to do, but there are on campus activities that are very fun and would keep your interest. For example there are sometimes magicians, musical artists, movie nights, fun nights etc. The school is a division 2 school, but the sporting teams are extremely good and are probably the best in their conference. The games tend to be very intense and the teams have great winning records. One of the greatest I had at this school was homecoming football game. The game brought the whole school together and everyone was wearing the school colors proudly singing and cheering on the football team. Current students mostly complain about the lack of parking on campus, which is basically one of the biggest issues on campus, however the school is a great school. The tuition is affordable, the campus is beautiful with fairly new buildings and the courses are accredited.