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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Go visit.


Do not pick you college, let the college pick you. Tour as many colleges as you can so that you can make a good decision when picking the college you will spend the most important four years of your life at.


Make sure you research all of the possibilities and don't decide on the first university you pick. Keep all of your options open.


Let the child choose the best suited college towards them and there major but make sure that they will fit into the school nicely and the student wants to got there.


The best advice I could give to a parent and/or student would be not to choose the "big name", well known school just because all your friends are going there and it's popular. Do research and look into their programs for your major. It may not be the best school for your major. Don't just pick one school and stick with it because you may not be making the right choice. Choose carefully and look at the schools accreditation. Also, if you don't feel comfortable in big classes you may want to pick a smaller university with a smaller campus population. Smaller classes are a lot of times more comfortable and your professors have an easier time knowing exactly who you are making it easier to talk to them and discuss your work and grades with them.


When looking for the right school you should make sure that there are many ways to get involved on campus and make sure it is an environment that you would like to see yourself in. One of the monst important thing about college is to make the most of your college experience. Do this my getting involved, finding good friends, and working hard to become successful later in life.


Parents I know it is so hard to let your child go but in order to get the full college experience, good and bad you have to let them go in order for them to grow up to be themselves. Dont call them every morning or want them to come home every weekend. Be concerned yes but dont be over whelmingly over bearing! Students college is awesome as long as you dont sit in your room and hide your face. Get involved and have fun however you want too. Find yourself with out mom & dad around and GO TO CLASS!!!


Make sure your school has a lot of degree plans and the advisors know what they are talking about! Have fun


I would make sure somehow, that you are comfortable in the housing you will be living in and above all the town. Not being happy with your surroundings can greatly affect your happiness and ability to complete school work well. Also, enter as an undecided major unless you are completely certain of what you want to do. Changing majors can be a painstaking process and waste hours that you took for your previous major.