Millersville University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I don't have any regrets. If anything I wish I had decided to transfer to Millersville sooner. If I had realized that I didn't need to leave home to have a good college experience than I would have saved a lot of money.


I wish I had known how hard it was to get into the Education program here becasue it is an education teaching school there are higher standards for that major. So if you are thinking of going here for teaching I recommend it they are the best in the state of Pennslyvania.


I wish I had known that there would be alot of traveling on buses in order to get to clothing and food stores outside of the dining halls that are already there. I wish I had also known that there were no sinks in the dorms except for in Shenks Hall.


I wish i would have declared my major when i entered college, i feel like my first year was a big waste of time and money.


Even though I had applied for 5 colleges, when I graduated from high school, I wish I had known what an excellent education I would receive at Millersville University. Millersville has so many special programs for even mentally disabled students, I wish I had used their disability services when I needed them. Since I came from Germany in 1984 and was a foreign student, I wish I had made use of all the special services the school had available such as the living arrangements for foreign students, because I would have been able to concentrate on my schoolwork better.


I believe that because we were allowed to interact with the already attending students and see the college upfront prepared me for Millersville campus life. I wished I knew more about scholarships and ways that I could have helped with the cost because my family is put in such a hardship with me and my sister attending college. That was not Millersville fault they encourage us to look on websites but I could not find anything that I was qualified for.




I wish I had known that it would be under going construction on some of the main buildings.


I wish they could have sent me information about my housing and roomate long before they did. I got the letter about my dorm two and a half weeks before class started and I didn't know who my roommate was two weeks before class started.


I wish that I had known to seek out help earlier rather then later and that there is really no shame in getting help with any aspect of education or life. Once I got over these fears and got the help that I needed I find it easier to seek help and appreciate the help I get. If only I knew this sooner! I guess I can write it off as an experience learned while at Millersville.


It's best to pick your major during your freshmen year, otherwise you'll use up all of your general education credits and have no wiggle room for scheduling after your sophmore year.


I wish I would have known the off-campus options they had available to underclassmen.


The food is not all that great and the transportation is as accomadating as it should be.


I knew a good bit of information coming into this school. There isn't much else that I would have wished to know.


How to study or rather which method works better for me. In high school I never had to study; however, when I got to college, studying was all I did to keep up and sometimes that didn't work. It was a completely different transition from high school although they do say that those who do great in high school don't in college and visa versa.


There is no business district in the town itself which makes it hard for students to purchase items that they want or need.


I wish I knew there weren't many off campus jobs available


I wish I had known that most of the professors barely speak english.


I wish i would have known how horrible the school spirit is at this school, and also how much the administration hates Greek Life on this campus.


I wish I would've known the living conditions on and off campus. I wish i would've known the availability and how that I wasn't going to receive much financial aid.




There really isn't much to do on the weekends.


I don't know - it seems so long ago that I was new at Millersville, and I think everything became a learning experience for me.


they dont offer many scholarships


I knew a lot about the school before I came, but it would have been nice to know which classes to avoid that usually have the most students enrolled in one class.