Millikin University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It is most known for it's amazing Music Program. The music teachers here are absolutly top knotch. They are very helpful and insightful. They love hanging out with the students and teaching in the classroom.


We are best known for our liberal arts program, education, and business.


Millikin University is a well known arts school. The college hosts many musical, theatrical, and dance events. The diversity and success of Millikin's graduates are well known. Several graduates have went on to broadway or to become recording artists.


Producing high quality graduates that will highly benefit the field they contribute to.


The fine arts are the most well known aspect of our school. We celebrate the success of our theatre and music students on Broadway and in other venues. Our school's biggest community draw is Vespers, our holiday concert that sells out our auditorium.


School of Nursing is known for 98% pass rate on NCLEX exam and high placement for employment after graduation.


Millikin is best known for their fine arts programs, music and drama in particular. The theatre department is very popular and the students within this department seem very happy with the experiences they have had. The School of Music is excellent in many areas. It is lead by an extremely knowledgable group of faculty who are determined to see their students succeed. A lot of the technology within the school, such as the recording studio and MIDI computer lab, are state of the art and readily available for student use.


Music and Nursing.