Millikin University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


While Millikin is a very open and accepting campus of all people, cultures, and ethnicities, the town of Decatur itself, may be a drawback to some. Those people who are in anyway affected by the air that often times smells from the Soybean processing manufacturers, may not want to attend school here. Also, those that desire a large metropolitan town may not find what they are looking for here either.


Someone who does not like being in a small space. The campus is small. Also, if you strongly object to the smell of soy, you might not want to attend Millikin since there are a couple days a month were the campus reaks of soy.


I would make sure you are truly committed to learning and coming to class. With the class sizes being so small you have to make sure to be there or you can lose points.


The type of people who should not attend this school are students looking to make a profession out of any type of athletics. Also, if the student is not willing to work hard or be part of the community Millikin University may not be for them.


A person that isnt ready to work their mind and spirit. Millikin is a great place to learn about yourself, others and your career path. If a person isnt serious in their studies millikin isnt the right place for them.


Millikin has an extremely diverse campus. therefore if a student is closed minded this school would not be a good match. Millikin offers and emphasized it's students freedom of expression and individuality. An individual who requires a familiar and constant environment may find it difficult to thrive at this school although they would easily be able to befriend individuals outside of their comfort zone.


Someone who wants a big campus feel where there is no relationship with professors. People who don't like soy.


If you're not sure if theater is for you, don't even bother with the department here. The school is mostly caucasian with some racial difficulties, but nothing too serious. Humanities, music, pre-med, and business are good majors here.


This school is for open-minded people who aren't afraid to learn. We have a close-knit campus community and we are all here to help each other succeed. Those who wish not to succeed or engage with other students need not apply. The cost of attendance is also rather high. So students not prepared to pay for the attendance or ready to apply for loans and other forms of financial aid should also not apply.