Millikin University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Millikan University is the helpful staff and faculty. They are patient and understanding with my family's anxious state. The school is a small private school with about 2400 students; which is more one on one with the teachers and students. The campus is clean, the students are outgoing. The school is very cultured and diverse.


I love the size of the school. I come from a small town, so Millikin is not too big or too small.


I like my school because we strive to improve ourselves constantly. There is a visbale spirit of community, with students, faculty, and the Decatur community. I appreciate the opportunities i've had from the numerous student organizations offered on campus. I know Millikin will prepare me for professional success, and also provide a rewarding student experience.


The artistic community. Actors singers and artest pretty much rule campus.


The best thing about Millikin University is the size of the campus. Professors know you by name and become involved in helping you succeed. Fellow students get to know you through small classes, Learning Communities (students studying in your major living together in the same residence hall), athletic teams, and clubs. The moment I stepped onto campus during Freshman First Week Experience I was able to connect with fellow freshmen and upperclassmen all of whom I have retained friendships with over the last six months.


There are a lot of great clubs and organizations. The class size is also very small for a University. The professors there are just wonderful. They will go the extra mile to help you and make sure you understand what you are learning.


The campus is very small as well as the student population. This means that the class size is very small and you get more one on one time with the professors, which is really helpful. I attended Eastern Illinois University last year and my grades were horrible there because the professors did not care. At Millikin, I passed a class that hardly anyone passes, got all A's in my other classes, and made the dean's list for the first time!


Millikin University provides a small campus that fits anyone looking for a more home-like college. It provides small classrooms with a great student-teacher ratio and this gives you great opportunities to develop relationships with these professors and classmates. With the amount of extra-curricular activities that Millikin offers there is definitely a place for anyone. Millikin University is the place for anyone looking for great relationships both in and out of the classroom and the opportunities for a great education!