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It welcomes all people


Mills College is a private, all female undergraduate liberal arts school. This means I have the unique experience of being surrounded by strong females and am able to have a well-rounded education. At Mills, I am able to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in a science field, but I am also able to take plenty of classes outside of my major area.


We are an awesome women's college with lots of networking opportunities. Yes, we do have imperfections like all colleges, but students unite to make it the best! We welcome everybody and anybody!


Mills is both an experiance and an education, it's something to belong to.


Mills is an amazing school because it is so small and in such a great location. It's very easy to create a close group of friends and to become acquainted with most of the people on campus let alone the women in your class. The fact that it is a Women's College means that women here have a much higher rate of success and are often more driven and more talented than women from other schools. It's a great fit for any woman looking to be successful and to make an impact on the world.


My school is unique because it emphasizes the capabilities of women and encourages them to pursue whatever career or field they desire, whether or not it is traditionally male-dominated or not. It is a judgement-free, non-competitive environment where students can challenge themselves and step out of their comfort zone both academically and socially.


Its small, liberal and environmentally focused. There are only women in the undergraduate classes.


Small classes and excelent, amazing, writing program. Professors that are out in the world creating while the are teaching. It an women's college and it has parent student housing on campus.


Mills is a women's college. Despite that, I don't feel that I'm missing out on a co-ed education.


Mills is the only school that I considered attending that was not co-ed.

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