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This school's commitment to the surrounding community is by far the best I had ever seen or experienced. One of Millsaps' goals is for every student to make a connection with service to another, and I have yet to come across someone who doesn't love getting their hands dirty or bringing a smile to a deserving face. Even when I'm stressed about classwork, I always find time for service whether at the MS Children's Home, the Boys and Girls Club or Mustard Seed--- you name it! It feels so good to do for others.


Millsaps is an excellent school! People are very friendly--they definitely have the "Southern Hospitality" thing going. The registrar, admissions, and other school officials are also excellent. I had nothing but good experiences with them. The food, however, is another story. I spent a lot of money eating off-campus. They did build a new on-campus restaurant my senior year, and the food there was pretty good, but not excellent. Oh, and Millsaps is a wet campus, which means you are allowed to keep alcohol in your room, if you are 21. They also serve alcohol in the restaurant. I wouldn't call it a "party school," though. Students tend to be responsible drinkers...for the most part.


Don't go to Millsaps and expect to skate through without a great deal of effort on your part. Millsaps students and staff will support you in every way, but you must be motivated to excel!


It is the only one in the south that I even considered going to. It was second to Washington & Lee, but I strongly believe that my school has it together way better than them. I believe this despite W&L's superior academic record.


Everyone is truly nice-- the atmosphere is unbelievably great.


It's an intimate college experience. By the end of your first semester, you'll know all of the faces you pass on your way to class, including the professors. Everyone's happy to be there.


A distinct desire to help students and provide the best possible for them.


millsaps is a fairly small campus but has the feel of a bigger, state school. the small class sizes are ideal to student-teacher interaction and i believe creates a better learning environment. its location in jackson, ms is a great place for those seeking a variety of careers.