Millsaps College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


It's a small school, but growing. The year I graduated (two years ago), they had to build a new dorm just to accomodate all the students they had. Jackson is not a big city, but it still has a lot of things to do. The local coffee shop is a popular place to hang out and way better than Starbucks! Not much to do on campus most weekends, except for the occassional party at a fraternity house. If you prefer going out, there are some fun, hip places to go to in Jackson, many of which offer student discounts, so things are cheap! The social scene, for the most part, is one of the biggest things people complain about. It definitely exists, but it may feel like you have to work a little harder to find it. People who join Greek organizations have fewer complaints in this area than those who don't. One of the best things about Millsaps, though, is their commitment to community service. There are tons of opportunities to serve the community. Also, the dorms are super nice--some of the nicest dorms I've seen on any college campus.


Since graduating with a B.S. in Chemistry in 1976, I have attended graduate school in Texas and I have taught high school sciences and worked in industry in several disciplines including oil and gas, environmental and now explosives (including pyrotechnics, propellants and high explosives). Thirteen years ago my partner and I started our own consulting firm and are now completing a state-of-the-art production facility to produce military products. I have never regretted having attended Millsaps and I am always quite proud when I encounter folks who know of Millsaps. Millsaps provided me with an education and training to undertake whatever I have encountered along the way. I regret only that I was not more mature in my actions, my mind-set and my faith in Jesus Christ while at Millsaps when I could have benefited so much more from the experiences there.