Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before coming to MIAD I wish I would have been able to make up my mind on what my major was going to persue. After being here I was exposed to all different types of art and design I never knew existed. Since I didnt know what specific field I wanted to go into, I fell in love with everything. This made it even harder to finally deside to persue communication design as my major.


I had big hopes and dreams. I was going to go out of state, see a whole new part of the world, and be independent. When financual burdens made this excursion unrealistic, MIAD was my fallback. After I began my first semester, I realized what a great school it was. The teachers and staff are inspiring, helpful, and professional. The community is freindly. I feel challenged, urged forward, and hungry for discovery. I wish I had known the true beauty of the school earlier, and had invested more time in it, such as taking the pre-college program.


I wish I would have looked farther into the career options the school had to offer. After attending two other schools I finally looked back to something that I have always enjoyed doing and found a great career option that I now wish I would have persued earlier.


How much work it would be compared to high school. And i would have liked to know that for the first year, living on campus is kind of important to create friendships with your classmates.


I wish someone had told me that Art School is really hard. It's difficult to stay ontop of all your projects and be creative on demand. They teach you how to think creatively.