Minneapolis College of Art and Design Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Very accepting and friendly.


Liberal, challenging, open minded, intellectual, free-spirited.


Minneapolis College of Art and Design is the perfect school for the creative mind to gain the additional knowledge needed to fully to stand out amoungst their peers for a successful career in various fields.


Minneapolis College of Art and Design is a small school with an extremely creative spirit where you can build invaluable creative and positive skills not just for success in your career but for success in your life.


Learn, experience, and discover who you are.


Energetic, hectic place to achieve a lot.


The Minneapolis College of Art and Design is a small private college focused on your process and expanding upon that process, as well as your skills in order to acomplish these goals.


It's very close. Everyone knows everyone, and the teachers have a good reputation. We share our thoughts when we're on class break about the classes we're taking and who teaches them. We're all very focused and enjoy what we do.


MCAD is not for the weak-hearted or the weak-minded, but if you are passionate about art and design than it might feel just like home.


This school is an oasis of creativity surrounded by the awe inspiring Minneapolis Downtown Scene.


MCAD is a great college with a gem of a Bachelor of Science program.


A dynamic, creative and challenging place where you will enter good and leave great.