Minneapolis College of Art and Design Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


You will be able to learn so many different processes and styles of art which is really quite rewarding so long as your heart is in it.


It is connected to an excellent source of art history and inspiration. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is literally right behind MCAD's campus. It has already been a great resource for education for myelf and the variety of work, new and old, makes for an easy way to kill and hour or two, or three...


We don't have huge tests to study for or long essays to write; instead we have long term projects that we work on for several weeks at a time. This allows for constructive in-progress critiques and class time to work or research. Finals are announced weeks before they are due, and you must time-manage well enough to have it done in time. It's impossible to finish in one night, like an essay or cram study for a test! Our on campus housing also provides kitchens, so instead of having a meal plan we cook ourselves!


The Homework Parties were the best times I ever had at this place. I didnt sleep much, but it has been an unbelivable amount of fun.


The amount of work and the money that we pay for our tuition. Though both are quite extreme, I know that I'm getting the best eduacation that I could ask for in my field of talent.


I brag about the Bachelor of Science program there, how it's a very small group of students and faculty and has been such an innovative program that I'm proud to be a part of. I love being able to work with real clients all the time, leading projects and learning new software in every class; there's a much stronger sense of accomplishment when you turn a finished project over to a national organization or burgeoning business than if it were just done for the class alone. The free and immensely creative atmosphere here is a unique plus.