Minneapolis College of Art and Design Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is able to handle an academic environment that encourages a lot independent learning. You need to be very driven and know that the field of art or design is precisely what you want to do for a career.


This school is not for the weak or laid back. In order to succeed at MCAD, the student has to be on top of their game at all times. The professors at MCAD push and pull every student into new directions that the he/she does not normally think in. Perspective students should have a natural talent of creating unique art and a strong drive to succeed and set standards for the art world.


This school is great for anybody searching for a more personal down to earth setting, where you get to know everybody including your teachers, as it is an art school, an artist would fit in quite well here.


A person that is driven to do well in any creative field.


Someone who has strong artistic abilities and is confident that they can succeed. MCAD almost requires an ego to attend; its very competitive and you have to do better than others. You also have to be ready to sacrifice all of your free time in order to feel any sort of success, it is a very demanding school.