Minneapolis Community and Technical College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Location, thats it.


I love that it is so diverse. I like to be able to walk around school and see so many different races getting along. Talking, laughing and learing together in a safe evnironment. It is also neat to me to see people of all ages going to school . It sure helped me to feel more like I fit in. Typically a college would be full of young people and it is totally different at MCTC. I also feel that the teachers are very open and accepting of the different circumstances of an adult student and in my case with children.


I think that my schools best asset is how well they cater to diverse individuals. They have many campus programs and scholarships that allow anyone to feel welcome and thrive. Being a minority student myself, it's nice to see that other than providing quality education at very affordable prices, I can get involved in many different campus groups and feel like I'm apart of something.


One of the best things about Minneapolis Community & Technical College is it's great location and multicultural enviornment. The small size of teh school also allows for more one on one learning oppurtunitys.