Minnesota School of Business-Richfield Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


There are many, many aspects of Minnesota School of Business (MSB), specifically the Nursing Program, that I brag about to my friends and family. First and foremost, the staff and faculty at MSB show an undeniable dedication to the success of their students. The nursing program instructors are always available when needed, and provide a wonderful educational experience. Also, MSB is recognized for its small class sizes. The individualized assistance and personal attention students receive from instructors and peers is extremely beneficial for our educational experience.


I tell them that it is a great school. The administration staff there on campus are amazing in every way and will go to no ends to help you succeed. Any question you have, they have an answer and even when you are trying to think of a question, they tell you everything you want and need to know which then in turns, really doesn't get you to come up with many questions to ask them. It is very close to where I love and thay have free coffee stations in every floor!


That it is a privatized university with more intimate class settings, due to the smaller class size. And all the wonderful conncections that they yield to their students.


With online learning, I am able to go at my pace during the week when I have time.


I like that the acedemic advisors are available to answer my questions when I have them. I also love that they offer the specific program that I am interested in.


how if you get good grades you get a discount on you fees next semester