Minnesota State University-Mankato Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Mankato was well known for being the Minnesota Vikings spring training location, their hockey team, and for being education focused.


Besides being known for the wide divesity of people, Minnesota State Mankato is known for their nurisng and engineer programs. Most of the females who come to this univerity come for the nursing program. It is a tough program, but if you get in, you are gaurenteed a job right out of colllege.


Theatre and dance are very prodominate. I know many students who have come here for theatre and dance, including a girl in my dorm hall from Chicago. There are also alot of nursing and dental hygiene majors at our school and we have our own dental clinic on campus.


We are known for Diversity at Minnesota State University, Mankato. It is also known for it's teaching program. Its a friendly enviornment.


Nursing Department, Computer Science Department, Beautiful Campus, Vikings Train on our campus off-season. Tough yet rewarding courses and teachers.


Having a very good enigneering program which is why i chose to go to this school for engineering.


There is not one characteristic that MNSU is best known for. It is known for diversity, a quality education, high qualitly athletic programs (especially basketball and hockey!!), and a variety of other attributes which makes this school the great school that it is!


MSU- Mankato is best known for its Division 1 Hockey team which has done very well in past years along with the relatively closeness of all academic building to one another. Many of the off campus houses are only a short walk to campus and all classes are near each other too where students don't need to drive from class to class.


My school is probably best known for our school spirtit and high acedamic goals.


Our hockey team is Division 1, compared to our football team that is Division II. We are known for our stong education program and nursing program, which is very competitive. MSU is known for its crazy drinking partys.


Academics, and sports


Consuming alcohol


vikings training camp.




It is a party school but it can provide a great education if you choose to work for it.


I'm not really sure, because it used to be drinking, but that was a few bad groups who made us all look bad. We have really great people in every department that I have come across, and we should be known for something like that.