Minnesota State University-Mankato Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Minnesota State University-Mankato?


When I tell my friends about Minnesota State University, Mankato, I brag most about how great the professors are. I have built long-lasting, quality relationships with all of my professors. The professors are incredibly qualified and passsionate about what they teach. If students are willing to put hard work into their education, then the professors are too. The professors are more than happy to spend their personal time writing letters of recommendation, editing essays, etc. for students. Overall, the professors are awesome.


Minnesota State University-Mankato caters to their students. Their compassion are shown through things such as free 30 minute massages to relieve stress/anxiety, free bus fare/discounts by presenting our Mavcards, free lap top rentals, free washing machines in laundry rooms etc. They even offer an on campus day care center for students who have children. They make it their duty to provide enough resources so that their students can maintain getting education which illustrates they really care about their students succeeding. With all being said, I am beyond grateful for being a student at Minnesota State University-Mankato.




I really enjoy the people and teachers here; everyone is warm and welcoming. It is very easy to get to know new people and be respected by the teachers.


Minnesota State University, Mankato has a great environment both for education and meeting new people. It is a friendly school with many students but a small town atmosphere. The people are great and the campus has many opportunities for entertainment and education.


I brag to them about living in a dorm room and how fun it is. I also brag t them about how we have a recreation center here and it has amazing workout equitment with t.v's and internet. So while I work out I can go online or watch a movie. I also brag about how fun the teachers are here. I come from Illinois, so I brag about how I have a lot of independence being away from my family.


I tell them about the automotive research equipment and labs available to us. The projects and research that students are able to perform, and the new research labratory that just broke ground.


The campus is easy to get around and the classes aren't very big.


I share that the sports facilities, teams, and fans are awesome! The indoor track is one of the largest in the country without beam poles in the middle. There is a real sense of community here and always something to do. The campus is diverse and it is a great opportunity to learn of their cultures.


There is a lot of diversity at this campus which gives a great experience as far as understanding people from other areas around the world. On top of the diversity present there is also very good technology at this campus, which is brought in large part to the donations that we receive from the alumni from our university. The sports at our university are also very good and entertaining to watch in comparison to other division II schools around the country.