Minnesota State University Moorhead Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the best thing about this school is all of the different activities happening around campus. Almost every week there is something new happening. They are not just the same old activities either, there are different activities that fit everyone's interests. This is what I love most about this campus.


The program. I looked at other schools and loved this one. The program is organized and available online and in class. It provides opportunities for all learning types.


Minnesota State University in Moorhead was a very comfortable campus. It was small enough that you could walk everywhere but still big enough to bike or use other transportation if you wished. The campus was landscaped very nicely and from the outside the buildings looked very homey. While I was at MSUM I felt safe, comfortable, and at home. It was very important for me to feel that way because I was so far away from home while attending this school.


The best thing about my school is that it is just the right ratio for me: It is in a large community so that i can explore around me, but it is also small enough for it to be a really friendly school. The size is perfect because there are small class sizes which make it is easier to learn, and the campus is always filled with familiar faces. All the people here are so great!


The comunity/ family feel it has. I toured and applied to a total of sixteen different schools and I knew right away after touring MSUM that it was the college for me. I remember while touring the students and student workers in the CMU went way out of their way to help a perspective furutre little freshmen and answer any questions when they weren't even getting paid to do that. The professors were sensational, and really truly heart felt. MSUM felt like family and my home away from home...its truly where the heart is.


The best part about my school is the trees. It's a beautiful campus, very different from the surrounding neighborhood. There are large trees everywhere so in the spring and summer, you just feel happier walking outside and seeing all of this life blooming around you. There are squirrels running around and up and down on the trees, there are birds singing- it's like a woodland fairytale in the middle of a college campus.


The CMU. It's the hangout central of campus. There's a rec center, plenty of study (or sleep, literally there's secluded nooks with couchs) space, tv lounges, the main cafeteria, an a la carte cafeteria and dining area, a sandwich/cafe, and campus services like the international office, Native American and LBGT associations, club rooms, printing services, and general service stall (cheap newspapers/movie tickets). There's also an ATM and bank, salon, Student Senate offices and school newspaper office.


The best thing about my school is that all of the professors are very approachable. If you have a question or concern you can ask them about anything and they will be willing to help. No matter who the student is they are not bias at all towards any of their students, and they want the students to get the education they deserve.


This school provides a very friendly environment and tution is not very expensive. A student coming from small communities and financialy disadvantaged can do very well attending this school. Since I am a Biology major and spent most of my time in the Department of Biosciences I can confidently say that our faculty stuff is the best thing I had in this school. Most of them are less research oriented and spend more time on students (although there are some research opportunities ). It is a small department therfore faculty and staff know each other personally, care about studnets' success


The best thing about my school is, again, the size. It's so easy to meet people because it's so small.


The size of my school is the best thing. It is not very big and teh campus is very compact.


Our football team.


Minnesota State University Moorhead is a mid-size campus which offers several opportunities for participation in on-campus activities and programs, as well as involvement within the Fargo-Moorhead community. The campus is large enough to attract a diverse group of students and faculty, but is small enough to allow these diverse individuals to interact with each other in a comfortable environment. I have experienced class sizes ranging from 5 students to 100 + students, as well as attending on-line classes, meaning students have several learning environments from which to choose. Overall the university provides a diverse learning environment.


small class sizes, and professors who are willing to help/vouch for you when needed. also, challenging course work that isn't too incredibly daunting, but still teaches you a lot.


It's small enough so it's not overwhelming, but large enough that there is diversity and a plethera of great acedemic programs.


The mass communications program.


The best thing about my school is the people who are attending here. My friends are amazing, and I love them very much. I really like to meet new people and make friends of all sorts.


I really like the atmosphere of this school, and the campus. Generally there's a nice brisk walk to class and to the different halls, and the school is pretty well located as far as where I want to be in town. Not nessecarily work, but who wants to be there anyway?