MiraCosta College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Mira Costa College is the fact that it is a school that is inexpensive enough to attend, and easy enough to apply for and navigate that there is no good reason for anyone lacking an education to not go here. In Maryland, where I grew up, even with residency the local community college costs five times what it does at MCC. I feel that for the money I spend at my school I am getting a quality education and am able to explore different subjects freely.


The professors here at MiraCosta try so hard to teach the students! Its amazing how down to earth they are as well.


I consider the education program to be the best thing about my school. Pikes Peak Community College let's me start my college education. It also has a good program that connects with an University that I plan to attend once I graduate from the two year college.


The constant interaction with students of all ages and backgrounds is one of the reasons I truly enjoy community college. The fact that I attend a community college means that it is more diverse in the aspect of age. I am also able to meet people that live in the same area that I grew up in. It is also convenient with my work schedule and my other everyday activities because it offers such broad times for classes and is so close to home.