Monmouth College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known exactly how expensive this college was. It is a very good school, but it is quite the hassle on the wallet. I also wish I had known that sororities and fraternaties weren't at all like they are described in the movies. I would have joined one a lot sooner. They open up so many networks, and you are able to make so many friends just by being invited into one. It is a very good opportunity to get your name out there after you graduate.


The most important thing i wish i had known, is really how far it is from city life. The most youll see is a shopco (which i never saw before), and mom and pop stores. No big city convience or much in the way of local entertainment. The nearest attractions are in Galesburg, so you have to drive or make friends with a car!


I wish I had known how the weekends are there and how limited students are without a car.


I can not answer this question because my parents grew up in the area, so I knew many people who had been there.


The water tastes bad, the pig processing plant smells, and maintenance doesn't pick up snow.