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Again, location. I liked that it was diverse.


Monmouth has never been better! A great campus, great leadership and great professors combine to make it an increasingly great choice for selective students. Many (like ABC News) consider Monmouth a "hot" school and for good reasons. I loved it and still do!


It's so close to the beach! There's some really great things to do outside of campus life around town.


The history of the buildings.


The size and the location.


that it's so expensive...the location is beautiful...


The campus life and classes are much smaller and makes things much easier to learn for the first time. Meeting new people was very easy and enjoyable at the same time. When visiting other schools the campuses were very big and people were usually very snobby and selfish.


The location and the size of the school. Since it is so small you have a lot more opportunities


Monmouth is great, since it isn't too big, compared to other state universities. I think the size of the campus is good enough for anyone because of the fact that it is so easy to get around, and you don't have to take a shuttle to get anywhere.


The campus is absolutely beautiful and housed on the property is a mansion that a former President of the United States lived in. The groundkeepers are outside everyday making sure the campus looks spic and span which I really enjoy.


Monmouth kids are 95% spoiled, ignorant, and lazy. I would rather sit alone in my room than hang out with the majority of them... That's my no holds barred opinion!


The food at Monmouth really isn't bad. The student center has realllly good food, and the dining hall is alright too. There's always cereal and salad so you never go hungry. The dorms are pretty nice, I lived in a suite style building and lovvvved it, but people who live in regular style dorms like it too because you end up meeting a lottt of people on your floor. I met my best friend at orientation, so its really important to go to that if you're a freshman. Its a great way to meet people so you feel a lot less nervous and overwhelmed on the first day. Basically its just important to be open minded and to try new things and push yourself during your first year. Living with people is difficult but you get used to it and most people end up lovvving it, and living away from home is scary at first but its amazing freedom once you're used to it.




Monmouth is a good time. Make sure its the school for you. Don't slack on your school work but dont forget to have fun. There is always something to do. So if your looking to party every weekend starting wednesday, it is possible.


Monmouth ones one of my last choices of college as strange as it may seem, but i couldn't express to you how happy i am to be here and how much i love you. I truly made the right choice for my future :]!


See Above


The dining hall food is atrocious! Hours are horrible and the dining hall is the only option for food on the weekends.


The cops suck


I think it is a great school, but like anywhere it is what you make it. It takes getting involved anf talking to people to make it happen. Monmouth provides the tools you just have to use them. I could not have been happier.


Monmouth is a great school and a great place to have your college experience. The only discouraging thing I can think of is the neighboring towns outlook on our campus. Most students obviously move off campus in their upper classmen years and have to move out into these neighboring communities. Automatically this negative stereotype is projected on you by the residents. To combat this I would suggest to make sure you go to your neighbors at the beginning of the year, offer your numbers in case of any emergencies, and just be a good resident yourself, because if you aren't you have no one to blame but yourself.


There are a lot of Mexicans in nearby Freehold.


I really think Monmouth is such an amazing school. Great location, great professors, great classes, great people. I have made some of my best friends here who are literally like my family now. We all travel all over to visit each other in the summer because you never want to be away from those people! I'm so glad I came here and you just need to have an open mind when you come here. You will meet a lot of different people from so many different towns and it's great to get away from the same people you've always known from your same old town. Basically, if you love the beach ... just come here!!!! You can't lose.


School is in prime location for beach lovers in the nice weather. Everyone smoked, even athletes. The dining hall is gross and you begin to realize that half the 30,000+ dollars you pay most likely goes to landscaping. RA's are pretty chill for the most part.


Overall, i love going to Monmouth. I have more friends than i can count and im involved in a lot of stuff. i dont ever want to leave


Going to Monmouth was the best decision I have ever made. I love playing soccer here and I'm already closer with my friends here than I am with my friends at home. I didn't want to come home this summer - I miss my friends so much. There's so many different types of people here and everyone is outgoing and open to anyone - meeting people and making friends is no problem, no matter what kind of person you are. Oh, and we're less than a mile from the beach :0)


Monmouth is becoming an increasingly popular school, which is really great to see. I would recommend Monmouth University to anyone I know.


There is nothing bad I have to say about Monmouth, it holds a place in my heart!


To be honest, the school is awesome. The core curriculum is overbearing and ridiculous, but as long as you work hard you can get it done. The people there are mostly absolutely stupid. Seriously, I will sit there and catch a passing conversation, and it is the worst kind of popular tripe ever. Politics on campus (unless talking to a poli-sci major) are lacking because of the fact that most people come from such a rich upbringing, they have an ignorant view of politics based on what they see on fox tv. Furthermore the staff at the dining halls are all rude and need to know their jobs and place when talking to college students that will be running their lives. Speaking of dining halls, there is not a lot of accommodation for vegetarians, so keep that in mind.


Yes, Monmouth is the best!


I like it here a lot over the spring semester because when it start to get warm out I just go on the beach and study for my classes while enjoying the day I don't have to sit inside and be bored all day. you can always come up wtih some activities to do as always


Very expensive. If I could go back and do it again I would change quite a few things!