Monmouth University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Friendly and outgoing people because it is a small school, so it will be much easier to make a lot of friends if you have these qualities or try to get involved on campus.


The kind of person who should attend this school must be willing to put time into their work and not afraid to get involved in Greek Life. The person must also be able to make their own fun for nightlife, and be accepting of all the different types of people. The campus is very diverse, and people come from all different types of backgrounds, so one who is patient and willing to cope with different cultures should definitely attend this school.


I feel that students who prefer a smaller college would fit in perfectly here. It is located near major highways and public transportation which makes getting to the school easy. The surrounding area is very safe and the campus has it's own police department. The student body here is very friendly.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who likes to get involved in activities at school but works hard in their spare time. At Monmouth you have to be pretty social because of all the great people that you can meet if you do come to this college. Lastly, if you want that one on one experience with you teacher this is the perfect school.


This school is great for anyone that likes a medium to small campus only a mile away from the beach, as well as athletes looking to make a career in sports. . Many people who love to surf and swim come to our school. It's full of a rich history and a historical background. The school takes great measures in making sure we are "green" and keeping the campus beautiful.The school offers great career advice, and if you don't feel comfortable in your major, they will help you change it and find a place where you are happy.


A person who is intrinsically and self-motivated. There are many resources available, but you must reach out to them in order to benefit. Also a person who is secure in their financial situation. It is in an affluent area and many students depend on their families financial support and are not a typical "struggling college student". People who attend this school should be socially outgoing and should be in tuned with the latest fashions, if they desire to fit in with the look of the majority.


An open minded and high spirited person would fit into Monmouth University perfectly. Someone who is passionate will succeed at Monmouth because Monmouth is the spark for the fire you have in your belly. Only those who want to achieve great things and have the time of their life would fit in at Monmouth.


people who are bubbly and enjoy getting to know people.


A person who prefers smaller class sizes as opposed to lecture halls, who likes being involved on the campus in different activities, as well as having a feeling of community on the campus. Someone who is looking to have good relationships with professors and advisors because they are readily made available to help and offer advice. Sororities and Fraternities are a big part of campus like as well as sports. Music and the theater arts are growing as well if you are someone who is interested in those activities.


A person with only three things on their mind...Cocaine,Alcohol, and Date Rape. They would fit in perfectly.


If you like spending your daddy's money and are a spoiled little brat who needs her stomach pumped every weekend from binge drinking you'll fit right in! Don't forget your uggs and your gucci sunglasses.