Monmouth University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Somone who is not willing to work hard and is not interested in getting involved should not attend this school. At Monmouth University school work can be hard and a student must be ready to send a night in the library. Greek Life is the primary source of being social at the school so if one wants to have a social life but not join Greek Life then Monmouth is not for them.


Anyone who wants to feel like just a face in the crowd to their professors, or anyone who doesn't see the value in hard work.


Someone who doesn't like the beach or someone who is looking for a big school. Monmouth is small; everyone knows everyone, but it is a nice environment. If someone is looking for a big-city vibe, they should not go to Monmouth.


I think there is no such case where a student of some kind shouldn't attend the school.


Someone that is not willing to get involved should not attend this school. This school has a lot of opportunities for students to get involved and incoming freshmen should jump at that chance. If a person does not get involved at this school they will probably not have a good time. Getting involved is how people become connected and make friends. If a person does not make friends he or she most likely will not enjoy their college years.


I dont think there is anyone who would not enjoy going to Monmouth University


A motivated student who puts academics first, and enjoys learning in a close teacher-student environment. Classes are on a very personal and small level so be ready to participate if you want a good grade.


one that likes small classes and is not trying to go to a huge party school...


If you care at all about academics and are paying for your own education dont't come here. Its all rich snobs who drive mercedies and go shopping with daddys money every weekend.