Monmouth University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of meal options. It gets frustrating having to eat the same things day after day. I wish they would expand the menu, and add more vegetarian options.




The most frustrating thing about this school is the walk. The entire campus is enclosed, like its own little town, but the dorms are on the opposite side of the educational buildings and it is like a 15 minute walk to class. The walk is not bad if it is a nice day but rainy or very cold days the walk is terrible.


how much it costs. too expensive


The school sometimes has extremely tough tests that must be taken to stay in the program/major. It is extremely annoying when students find out these tests are being changed for the better or are being tossed out in a few years, but the students still must take them.


We have some really really dumb students. I find myself wondering why we let some people in here...


The cost of the tution is the most frustrating.




A lack of communication between departments. I was a double major and I had a difficult time finding professors and advisors who were able to assist me in bridging the gap with my curriculum chart which was difficult at times. The best advice I can give for dealing with this situation is to keep track of your own academic chart and be on top of what classes you need to take without counting on an advisor to plan it out for you perfectly.


On Campus Housing


The most frustrating thing about Monmouth University is undoubtedly the parking situation. The Commuter Lot is not large enough and I waste too much time looking for a spot some days.


There is absolutely no diversity among the students, racially. Plus, it's ridiculously expensive (a little over 30K/year, 15k/year for me because I received a scholarship), at least compared to Rutgers (which would have been $0/year for me, as I received a full-ride scholarship).