Monroe County Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to concentrate on my receiving better grades. I always thought if I received B's or C's I would do just fine in college. I wish I would have concentrated more on receiving A's instead of a passing grade. Also, I wish I would have applied for scholarships as a senior in high school. Many people told me how expensive college was going to be but I never listened. I wish I would have saved more money for my college eduation.


Go to college and finish your degree right away. If you don't stay in college you are going to have dead end jobs and live pay check to pay check and you won't have anything great in life. You will only regret it.


Don't give up! College is hard but anyone can do it if they set their mind on something. Study hard!! try to be as involved as possible because it helps to meet new people not just the ones in your class(s)


Out of my college experience, I have gained an understanding of a variety of things; art and its roots, society and its culture, a deeper comprehension of our thought processes... And much more to add to the list. The best part of what I have learned is that I can apply them to everyday life and occasionally get a Jeopardy question right. I can also add complexity and depth to conversations I never thought I would be able to engage in. College has been a valuable experience for me because I finally get a taste of the real world; this bittersweet nectar that is so menial and common. However, since I am still young, I have yet to challenge myself further in this real world and take advantage of my opportunities to the fullest.


My college experience has been very enriching and rewarding. I am able to view the world and workplace in a different way. I feel my education has had a very positive effect on the way I perform my job duties and it also helped me to develop into a better person by making educated choices in everyday life.


The advice that I would give myself would be to look into more scholarships, get part-time job and be organized. Scholarships are great ways to help pay for college and if you are a good student that try's hard and study's then you will have a better chance than if you did not. I would also say that getting a part-time job while in school is beneficial because it will teach you how to manage your time better and you will learn how to manage and save your money for college. In college you have to manage your time accordingly and make sure you have time to read and study because when you go to school that is what becomes your first job, then any other part-time job that you have to go along with it will be your secondary job. Learning this earlier on would have been easier for me, now I realize how much more organizing that I have to do to be effective in life.


Since I began college at the age of fourteen, I did not have a high school senior experience. However, if I could go back in time and talk to myself before starting college, I would reassure myself. I would tell myself that college would be a challenge but that I was fully capable of succeeding and to not be so hard on myself. I would also encourage myself to take more classes and delve into subjects that interested me, like art. I would also suggest taking math and speech and conquering my fear of failing at something that was hard for me. I would also encourage my self to be bolder and more outgoing and to disempower my insecurities.


In my senior year of high school, I decided to dual enroll at Monroe County Community College. I took three classes over the course of my senior year and it really gave me an eye opener for college. I took English composition one and I really enjoyed it because it helped me learn how to write a college leveled paper. As I was taking English, I decided to take a general Psychology course too. This class was very interesting because my high school did not offer Psychology so I learned a lot. My second semester of being a high school senior I took a general computer class and I really liked this class because I learned how to write papers and how to make slide shows. By doing dual enrollment it allowed me to look at college in a different point of view because I by going to a small high school, you think that you can always stay in a small community, but the reality is that everyone has to move on and go to a larger school. The advice I would give myself if I could go back, is to take more dual enrollment classes throughout the year.


I could have relieved myself of much anxiety about college had I known how stress-free and comfortable an atmosphere and experience it would soon prove to be. Prior to admission, I felt slightly uncertain about my unforeseen road ahead but with the help, support , advice, encouragement and instruction I received from family, friends and various members of the college faculty, I made the transition with confidence and ease. I would have to say that the advice I should have given myself was "Just believe..." .


Knowing some information about college gives me a better understanding of what needs to be done. If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to make a job out of looking for scholarships. Paying for college is the hardest part of college. I would also tell myself to keep up with my work and make sure I spend lots of time studying and asking questions. Asking questions is probably the most important part in college. Many professors will assume everyone knows everything they are saying if there are no questions asked. Also I would tell myself to not procrastinate and to get things done promptly.


Advice I would give myself as a high school senior regarding transition and college life is that college is unlike any previous educational experience. College will not come as natural as the past. Unlike high school, professor?s teaching techniques presents a challenge because professors do not always teach and test out of the book. Extreme attention to lectures and the ability to take skilled notes is critical for reviewing and studying for exams. In college, you?re responsible to get notes and handouts from other students in your class. Professors will help you during their office hours if you have any questions. Ask questions because its easy to get behind if you are stuck. Do not hesitate because exams are close together and it would be easy to fail a test because you failed to ask questions. You need to work harder to earn good grades. Your education is your responsibility. A lot of work accompanies attending college, filling out applications, applying for scholarships, and class registration. It is important to register for classes early and finish scholarships early due to deadlines. Begin activity in community service and volunteer activities. Numerous scholarships ask for extracurricular activities outside of school.


If I could go back and give my self advice about college I would tell myself a few things. I would first tell myself to apply to the community college first because it?s the same education for half the price of a four year university. I would also tell myself to get involved in as many after school activities as the school offered, because it is a great way to meet new likeminded people. I would also tell myself that I should take more credits the first couple of semesters so I am not stressed out in my last semester.

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