Montana State University-Northern Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If i could go back in time and talk to myself i would definatley tell myself to take advantage of all the help high school teachers offer, and to work as hard as possible to get the bes grades i possibly can. I would also tell myself to apply for all the scholarships possible. High school to college is a huge transition and i wish i still had teachers who went step by step in class. Most college proffesors do not care whether you pass or not and thats all high school teachers care about. they are there to help you with whatever is needed. that is the main thing i would want. is to take advantage of all the help and learn as much as i possibly could. College is hard. And knowing that there is minimal help in college (unless you are in tutoring) in high school i would have definatley soaked up as much knowledge of mu major as i possibly could. Applying for more scholarships would have been a great help too, it would cut the cost of my freshman year in half or even more than half.


Being a high school senior I was a star athlete in my school. I thought at the time I was indestructible, but I wasn’t at all. Turns out there is a lot bigger world out there then what just lies in your high school. What made my choice in choosing a college as a senior was my football scholarships. My family has never had very much money, but they did love me very much. I made my choice for college by the amount of money that was offered for me in football. I only but three choices. MSU-Northern offered me the most which still was only a fraction of my total costs for a full year of college. Looking back I wouldn’t change very much. I’m still doing what I love, and that’s studying in a university while playing football. At times it can be rough for me, but I know through God all things are possible. Only thing I think I would of told myself differently in high would be “work harder for a better sport scholarship and study harder for better grades.” I never knew how much those would have affected my life.


After my first semester of college, I've learned that attending really is the only way you're going to have a better life. In the end you'll make more money, have better jobs, and there's more opportunity for people with degrees. I even use to think that I would still live a good life if I didn't go to college, but I gave it a chance and came anyway. I'm glad I did. College helps even outside of the classes. You learn what it's like to live on your own and become dependant on yourself, especially if you're like me and attending a college in a different state than where you grew up. Attending is definitely well worth it.


I have learned a lot about life so far in my college experience. I have learned why society works the way it does and why it is important for it to work the way it does. I have met many intelligent people in college who have taught me the things that I could have never learned through a text book. Through college, I have learned what it means to be honest, to work hard, and to reach a goal. College has shown me the many options available for study. Most importantly, college has taught me the importance of education. I understand how limited people with only a high school education are. I enjoy learning and my college experience has been a great trasition between high school and the real world. With a college education, I will not be thrown out into the real world with nothing. My college education will provide me with an understanding of life and a good idea about how to live it. It will help me obtain a job in which I will be specialized. I could not ask for more than a college education.


I am completley happy with the choice i made to come to northern. The only advice i would have for an incoming student would be to consider buying a house in havre, you could get a house payment for about the same as paying rent here (about $300 a month in a nicer house).