Montana State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I am transfering to MSU from Morrisville State College so when I was at Morrisville my classmates were friendly, inspiring, and we were always sharing ideas and working together through them.


What are your experiences with racial, religious, LGBT, socio-economic, and/or other groups on campus? -Never had any problems. People are very warm What kind of student would feel out of place at this school? -Those who hate cold What do most students wear to class? -Almost anything. Casual wear is more common Do different types of students interact? -Yes, a lot ! Where are most of the students from? montana, washington, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming


Smile! Make eye contact and say Hello to everyone (well maybe not everyone ) because others are feeling just as uneasy as you are about being somewhere that is totally new and different. Ask questions, knowing that someone previous has asked the same question because we are all trying to figure out this new life. Study every day and don't put off today for tomorrow because tomorrow never comes. Stay true to yourself, your values, goals and person. Have fun! and then have some more fun. Try something new, go to a foot ball game against the Griz!


Diverse and questioning, they enjoy theral discorse on a range of topics as there is always two or more people on each section of an arguement and rarely is it as flat as a yes or no possibility.


People here tend to be interested in the outdoors and are caught up in their own worlds.


My classmates are best described as relaxed and easy-going. Everyone is very friendly and can often be seen wearing sweatpants to class. Montana State also gets its fair mix of cowboys and cowgirls, as there is a strong Agriculture department. There is also an awesome ski hill close-by, which brings in the “ski bums.” However, that does not mean students are not serious about their education. Students love to enjoy the many outdoor activities while remaining diligent in their studies. Students support one another in class and while conducting job searches while having fun the whole time.


My classmates at MSU bozeman are outdoor orientated, athletic, and committed students who view college as a privelege rather than a right.


Many of my classmates are friendly and supportive. There are a few that are rude and unfriendly, but thankfully they're the minority. My classmates are always willing to help and discuss the content of the class and are willing to ask for help as well if necessary.


There is a large variety of ethnic backgrounds at MSU. I don't believe any type of student would feel out of place at MSU. Students do talk about what they would hope to make some day and students come from all types of financial backgrounds. Students are politically aware/active and they do talk about politics but I would have to say they are not left, right, or center. They are private with their political views.


Most of the students appear to be highly motivated, intelligent, hard working individuals who desire great success.


great guys, that have a life and don't get lost in their work or free time.


A student who is not outdoorsy would probably not be as satisfied with this school since it is a very outdoorsy centered location. In the winter everyone is bundled up in winter clothes, hats, snow boots, etc. Everyone is very friendly and there is quite a bit of mingleing among students. There is a large amount of people from montana, washington, oregon, alaska, a few from colorado, and some from california. There are also others, however it is not as prominent as the other states mentioned previously. many students are politically active and it tends to be slightly more conservative in their political views.


Mostly white... the only diverse people are there for sports.


My classmates are very social and like to have fun, because they are interested in learing and make you feel like your one of them.


My classmates are intersted in extreme sports and outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, kayaking and rock climbing.


Adventurous and up for anything.


My classmates are determined.


My classmates are all very outgoing, friendly, approachable, and motivated.


People with all different backgrounds and histories coming together to learn; trying to just do their best.


My class mates are fun, driven and all have a passion for the outdoors; they get work done then have fun.


Eager to help, academically driven!


My classmates are driven, intelligent, and helpful.


Very smart, focused and fun.


Very laid back but friendly.


My classmates are usually there to complete the assigned work and vary with each class.


Classmates throughout my four years were supportive, helpful and often helped me by supplying me with notes and worksheets that I missed because I was travelling with the volleyball team. Without such a supportive group of individuals in my classes I would have been unable to play a sport and maintain the GPA I did.


very diverse


nice, easy to get along with, helpful.