Montana State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Montana State University?


Google comes each year as do several other companies tht hire out of the collage.


Lots of majors to choose from.


I brag to them about its high quality of education and renown in the field of engineering in general. MSU is well known for a high ability to produce successful engineers that are often hired directly out of school. This provides only one of several indicators that MSU provides a very successful and useful program to teach engineers, and as a result I am more likely to be hired by large engineering firms than if i went to any other college in the northwest.


The mountains surrounding the school are beautiful. It is the best school I have ever been to in my entire life.


I like the size of the school. You don't know everyone, but everyone is friendly and you recognize most people.


Montana State University has so many courses to offer to all kinds of students. It allows us to explore what we truly want to do with our lives, it provides an environment that is friendly and open and makes us feel at home. MSU gives us the opportunity to venture into different courses and challenges us to step outside our comfort zone to find what truly makes us happy and will make our stay worth while.


How big it is. Compared to my old University


Montana State University has a great gym facility that you can do practically any type of sport or workout in, as it has a wide variety of interests. The classes can either be large or small yet they are always interactive which helps when learning. The professors are normally easy to get in contact with and are very helpful either with questions about the present class content or previous material. The weather is always unpredictable in Bozeman, and this offers for a wide variety of outdoor activities throughout the year.


The surrounding areas and mountains. It is the most beautiful campus in the west. The people there are amazingly friendly and there is unlimited outdoor activities to be explore. Though it is cold in the winter, the snow and the mountains are amazing for skiing and snowboarding. There are rivers, mountains and valleys that will blow your mind.


Lots of new technology and current information. Large campus that is constantly being updated andf improved.