Montana State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Montana State University? Why?


The worst thing about Montana State University is the food. Bring Tums.


The worst thing about Montana State University is the lack of parking space. The college has continued to grow at the expense of places to park that are near dorms and classes. This makes it diffiscult to if you need to leave campus durning the day because when you come back you can spend a lot of your time attempting to find a parking spot.


the cafiteria food. It is produced in too large amounts which makes the quality go way down.


The worst part of going to school at MSU is the parking; there is never enough parking so students end up walking a quarter mile to get to class.


The weather because it get into the -20s and we still have class. You have to be carefully not to fall on the ice.


It's a small school, but I don't consider it the worst part of the school. It's a larger adjustment for people from a large city or state, but the adjustment can easily be overcomed.


There is not much that I would say is bad about MSU Bozeman. The only major problem I had was with one instructor in particular. The rest of my time at this college was a great learning experience and exciting time.


In my personal experience, I didn't have much exposure to the different majors - there didn't seem to be a lot of help when I was trying to decide what to study. You just have to take more initiative on your own. No one is going to hold your hand the whole way. But, I think that's kind of nice. Who holds your hand in the real world??


It's just a really big university and some of the professors don't want to teach. Being bigger there are much more opportunities and its possible to do different and new things and still receive credit but lots of the classes are just full of busy work and aren't worth the money that I am paying.


High fat content food in the dining hall.