Montana State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The MSU campus has to be my favorite thing about the University. No classes on campus are more than 10 minutes apart walking distance, and making the walk can brighten your day. Walking past, or even sitting by the coveted duck pond is a relaxing postive impact on even the worst of days. Beyond that, the campus has beautiful buildings and the trees and grass are well kept. Just walking between classes can make the fact that you're walking to class a joy rather than a dread. I'm blessed to be involved in such a beautiful campus.


The best part of MSU is the school spirit and the passion the educators have for their respective subjects!


It's one big communitee and everyone you meet is genuine. Perfessors also try to get to know you and are willing to help you succeed all you have to do is ask.


The best thing about MSU is the faculty. All of the professors are wonderful and very helpful. They are all very intelligent and know so much in their fields. They have so much knowledge to share and love to share it. They are there because they want to be.


There are so many good things about this school that it's hard to name just one as the 'best' thing. However, if I had to say what is the best part of my school, I'd say that it's the people. My fellow students are so friendly that it's really easy to make new friends. Teachers are also really easy to talk to. I love this school and the people in it.


The best thing about my school are the resources given to me in order to achieve success in my studies for my degree. These resources include free tutors, many computer labs, many great professors, a great library, and a great gym to get my mind off of studying for a little while. These resources have helped me better understand the subjects being taught to me. This in turn boosts my GPA showing that I am succeeding and understanding the classes being taken. With that, it gives me confidence that I will succeed in my career for years to come.


I consider the atomosphere of the university to be the best thing. Everyone is very friendly and people are very willing to help out whether it be the professor, teacher's aide, classmates, or others who have taken the course before. The courses are very active and applicable to life situations. The labs are very interactive as well.


The classes that are well tailored to the students. Classes such as math have smaller, more personalized classes to explain complex concepts. General classes like chemistry have large classes well supported by online resources. The teachers all seem friendly and willing to help if the students ask. They offer many resources to help students who have the initiative, rewarding those who try.


My school is surrounded by beautiful mountains with a plethora of activities.


I would say the comminuty involvement is the best part because it shows a great sense of leadership and friendship.


Since MSU-Bozeman is a business orientated school, I believe it helps set itself apart from a majority of NorthWestern schools. Its a great laid back commuinty with a willingness to help all of their students succeed no matter what the obstical may be. Its also a very friendly community where you can say hello to just about anyone and you will recieve a pleasent responce back. It's just overall a great place to start out at.


It's great that classes are offered all over town and not just at one location.


This school is very research oriented and lets students explore their interests in professional settings.


I love how you can feel so comfortable in class and how he teachers always emphasize how much they want to help.


The school that I am attending has one of the top architecture programs in the country. There is always help available in any subject that i need help in.


I love the climate and terrain MSU is located in. I'm originally from Alaska, so I wanted something similar to my home. Bozeman is very close to multiple ski resorts, has great hiking, biking, and running trails, and is close to fishing, boating, and many other sports. The school is in a conveniant part of town, within walking distance of all the stores you could possibly need.


It's an awesome school all around. My favorite things about Montana State are its location, its people, the beautiful area in which it is situated and its Earth Sciences program.


The Skiing is excellent. also the MET program at bozeman has some really good staff. They are always available to help and have no problem going out of their way for you.


The surounding area in incredible. Two close ski resorts, fishing, hiking, camping, hunting and biking can all happen withing 20 minutes of campus! If you like the outdoors, you truly cant beat Montana State...


The teachers definately make the material learned easier. They all provide different teaching techniques such as, experiments, notes, videos, group work and personal projects. I never would have thought someone could make something like cell synapses (usually boring) seem so interesting. The faculty also encourages the students to go above and beyond by participating or offering a few challenging extra credit assignments.


There are many things that are fantastic about Montana State University. The school has a wide variety of degree programs available to students. There is a never ending supply of outdoor activities: snowboarding/skiing, fishing, hiking, camping, floating, etc. The town has all sorts of events going on throughout the year. The people who typically attend MSU are ones that will become your best friends for life.


The small campus and the learning based activities


I believe the best thing about Montana State University is that its business program is among the top in the nation. I have also found several good friends within the business department who are willing to help me understand things that I don't get right away.


Small Town with lots of fun things to do if you look around a little bit


The surrounding environment, the town, and the friendly people.


The people and the town


The skiing is the main attraction at Montana State. Everyone that I hang out with came here to party and ski. Class is important to everyone but skiing tends to be the first consideration. I just really enjoy the chill atmosphere here.


the location


The community involvement.