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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to continue to work hard and make better grades instead of settleing for just good grades. Also I would tell myself to apply for scholarships or any kind of aid to get help. Knowing how big of a role money plays in college now I would make sure I told myself about different oppertunites. As far as the transition from high schoool and home life to college and dorm life I would advise to remember how much money would be wasted when goofing off. Also I would explain how no body is there to make me get up and go. I would explain how it is all on me and to take it serious becuase it is important in the near future. My biggest piece of advice to give to myself would be to not wait to go to college but continue educating an bettering myself as soon as I can becuase I know how important it is now and how hard it is to go after waiting and putting it off.


Study math. No really, you're going to need it!


Don't jump into school because it's what your parents want you to do. Take your time and go when your ready.


Get rid of all your jobs. Focus on your education instead of work, don't let yourself be burdened by the stress of maintaining a tight and busy schedule with no sleep and no time to relax or study. Get back on your ADHD medication and strive to attain a higher GPA then you've had. Your life is ahead of you, so go get it. Live for yourself and do what makes you happy, not what makes everyone else happy, because in 20 years the choices you've made today will affect you.


To pursue your dreams and investigate all the opportunities you are presented with.


The amount of information and knowledge that is out there in the world avaiable to anyone who desires to learn is endless. Attending college has opened my mind to so many new ways of thinking, experiencing, and learning. It has provided me the opportunity to meet and engage in meaningful discussions with numerous highly intellectual professors and peers. Being at college makes me want to do better, to push myself harder than I have ever done before. A college degree may be a piece of paper to some but to me it is a sense of accomplishment that I would not otherwise feel if I had not attended.


My educational experience in Montana Tech was excellent; I participated in Environmental Engineering seminars, field camps, and normal classroom lectures. Also my Montana experience allowed me to explore new aspects of myself and other cultures. It provided me with a visual relationship of these aspects working together. Because of the rewards I have already gained, I decided to continue my education. I am drawn to University of Alaska (UAA) for a number of reasons. UAA has outstanding reputation for their business programs particular the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program in UAA’s College of Business and Public Policy (CBPP). The MBA in general management will provide me with the perspectives and skills that are necessary increasingly significant managerial leadership roles in organizations. Furthermore, Alaska offers some the most diverse and intriguing environments that emphasis one’s learning by applying classroom knowledge to real situations. I am beginning the MBA program Spring 2011 and look forward to another learning adventure.


I have learned how to put up with a range of different people and learned how to control my emotions.


I prepaired myself as a highschool student as well as I could, so I wouldn't change anything I did. I took the most adavanced classes my school offered and even a lot of online classes once I ran out of classes offered at my small public school. I already took care of myself and all of my expenses before I got out of high school, so my transiction once I left my home was not much of a difference either. But if I was giving advice to a high school I would tell them take as much as you can in high school, but remeber to have fun as well while you are there. Employer would prefer to hire social people over anti-social.


I would advice myself to begin working harder on good study habits. I would stress the importance of being orginized and on top of things.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself my senior year of high school, I would tell myself to work hard, fill out for more scholarships. Now that I'm in college I know I should've looked up more about college and the time-effort involved in all the classes. Classes in college are alot different than the ones you have in high school. When I was a senior in high school, I didn't think college classes would be much different than high school ones. I wish I would have been more prepared for college and I should have started preparing when I found out that I was attending Montana Tech. I believe that as a senior I was really stressed and thats why I didn't think to prepare more for college. Now when I talk to my friends in high school I tell them to fill out as many scholarship as possible and work hard.


I would get experience in the construction and design industry before going to school. For example, I would have taken more drafting classes in high school, or job shadowed an engineer. I also would have taken more advanced physics classes. Also, I would have applied for more scholarships!!


Take some time to figure out what you want to do in college. Take some classes that interest you so you can better figure out what you want to do and who you want to be in life.


I will tell myself to learn how to take better notes and study more. I would also say college is tough, study harder and don't quit.


The transfer from high school to college is a major step in growing-up and being on your own in the world. As we learned in high school grades are the most important part in becoming a successful student. Hard work, dedication and self reflection are a huge part of getting good grades and becoming the successful student desired. At times there will be a good decision to be made as well as a bad decision, its all about making the good decisions and not letting others peer perssure you into making the wrong (bad) decision. Doing what you need to do is the first step in becoming successful, not only as a student but in life as well.


Explore! College offers a vast array of opportunities from which you can learn about yourself, what you are good at, and what you like. Both socially and academically, don?t allow your past experiences to define the path of your future. If a door opens for you, walk through it. Don?t stop to wonder if it fits into your career plans. Some practical advice: -Eat a well balanced diet. For example, don?t eat a bag of jelly bellies for dinner... at least not on a regular basis. -Exercise! I know you hate it, but it really does make you feel good. -If the door that is opening for you happens to always lead to a bar, don?t keep walking through it. -Go out on lots of dates, but not with jerks. -Go to class and do the homework. It?s way easier to learn something if you follow this simple plan!


I suggest that parents and students look for a school that has a good balance of school life and social life. Montana tech is good about balancing these in the first three years, but your fourth year in engineering is dedicated to gaining "real-world" experience as quickly as possible, and it seems that leaves no time for the social life that was once enjoyed. I suppose my next suggestion would follow that potential parents and students should talk to a graduating senior to get an inside look into the degree program and the requirements for graduation.


Parents need to be supportive of thier kids and help them find schools that study what the student wants to learn, not what the parent wants them to learn. Sit down with the kids at the beginning of thier senior year and talk about what the kids want to study and then look for colleges online, that fit your criteria for a good college. Dont base college on just the price or location either, they are factors but not the only factors. Also have the students take tests online to see what kinds of carreers they may be good at. Students when you get to college have a postive attitude about it. Be friendly and make friends with people in your classes. Join clubs so you can make more friends and do something you enjoy doing. Dont be afraid to ask for help when you need it. If you feel like what you are studying isnt right for you, dont feel bad about looking into and switching degrees or even schools. You are the one who is going to be going to class and having a career in whatever field you pick and you should love it.


When sending your child to school, make sure that you size the school to your child. In essence, if your child is social, a smaller school might be adventagous due to the fact that at a large school there is always a lot more going on that can drag a student away from studying. Also, make sure that the school fits in with their value set. You would'nt want you child to go to a school where the value set differs drastically from their own. A samller school also offers the advantage of small class sizes and if nothing else attending a small school is a good way for a student to ease their way into college while being able to get the pre-requiset classes out of the way.


Start your college search early. Find other people that have attended schools that you are interested in. Apply early to all your choices in order to save application fees. (often the university have early no or low-cost application). If you enjoy the outdoors, look for a place that offers opportunities to explore in close proximity. Once you start your college career, don't load yourself on credits the first year. Being away from home can be overwhelming so don't add extra stress by taking on too large a load. If it is at all possible, don't work for the first year, except maybe on campus. Expect a lot of late nights studying. Eat heathy, Exercise, make friends that are like-minded. Get involved with campus activties to meet people. Stretch yourself. Keep in contact with your folks, and be honest about your stuggles. Pray Pray Pray


Make sure you find a school that you know you will like instead of one you think you might like. Make sure you check out the campus before committing to a school, and make sure they have to degree program that you really want to go into. Don't settle on a school just because it might be close to home or that it might be a little less expensive.


THe biggest concern would be money, that the student gets the right amount of finacnial aid. More money the student gets the better his/her chances of succeeding are because they wont be working at a job to try and make some extra funds.

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