Montclair State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.




This school is best known for teaching degrees and majors. Many of the student body career goals consist of a career in education.


Montclair State University is best known for their Education Department, Childhood & Early Development


Its Education Programs


My friends and I always meet at the Rathskeller (dining/lounge in the Student Center) to spend time with each other and to have lunch. It may sound simple, but it gives college a personal touch.


Montclair is known for its teaching programs. Montclair has one of th ebest teaching programs in New Jersey. They give a lot of advice and counceling when applying for the teacher program and there are many students in the program that can help you in the program with your journey in becoming a registered teacher.


My school is best known for the creativity and passion that lies within each student. We tell our life stories and share our dreams through music, dance, canvases, and literature. We are the manifestation of art. We leave our marks on the world with our extraordinary craft and love for the fine arts by making our voices heard; and sometimes, we do this without words. Montclair State is where you go to figure out who you are. It is a place to make mistakes and revisions. We are best known for successfully expressing ourselves when words fail.


Teacher Education. They are fairly well-known for their program and were even listed in Forbes List of the top 100 schools last year.


My school is best known for its arts and education programs. It was originally created as the premiere school for education in new jersey. The arts program has evolved quickly and become well known for its visual and performing arts.


Even though the student body is fairly large (about 18000 students), the administration does its best to have the incoming freshman classes become acclimated to college life. They use the idea of peer groups and I was especially grateful to become involved in the small learning communities, which consist of groups of approximately twenty students, all with the same major. Throughout the freshman year, the community provides a safe haven and much needed information both specific to students needs, and in general. This concept in a state university is definitely a truly remarkable experience.


Our school is best known for out education program. When we first started out in 1908 it was a teachers college and from then it has done nothing but grown.


My school is mostly a commuter school, and I never would have heard of it had it not been for the theatre program.


Our education programs


Montclair State University is recognized for its wonderful teaching program. Students who desire to enter the field of education are most likely to join the community of MSU. Personally, this is one of the reasons I decided to attend Montclair State because their program ranks very well in the country for education. My future goals are to one day give back to my community by becoming a high school teacher in whichI feel I will be of good preparation because of this wonderful program.


Education Program


My school is best known for crafting primary education teachers, or teachers for k-12. The teacher program is very prestigious and although it takes up to five years, many graduates seem to encounter little to no trouble in finding a job.


Psychology, music, film, and artistic majors




There business program


The Education Dept. It started out as a teacher school, so I think it's best known for their teacher and education program.


Montclair State has being in existence for over 100 year and they offer over 250 majors that's very accessable and affordable.


academics, faculty




MSU is known for our business and Psyc. Major Programs


Fraternities and Soroities


Probably the education and theater/dance programs. It is also known for terrible the terrible parking situation. It also decides to build new things on campus instead of addressing old problems.


Even though I want to major in Psychology and minor in German, I'm really glad I can keep up with two of my other passions -- flute and singing. There is a lot of encouragement to get involved, even if you are a non-major!


This past year, bomb threats, 100 year anniversary and the school newspaper being shut down by the student government.