Montclair State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is dependent on other people. People here are very independent and usually find things to do by themselves. There is not a lot to do on the weekends.


The person that shouldn't attend this school, also does not like diversity. This is a great hands on school, business accredited and recognized by many. There is no reason why anyone wouldn't want to attend this outstanding institution.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is someone who does not like being around individuals who come from different ethnic backgrounds or who is uncomfortable being around those who have a wealthier lifestyle than their own. In addition, a person who is not willing to work hard and stay on top of their schedule should not attend this school, with all the extra cirricular and free events one's social life could potential take away from getting school work done.


This school may not be for people that are looking to be near big cities or loud places. Montclair is a very quiet place, there isnt much around. Also i wouldn't recommend this school for people that have racist issues or just dont like to interact with people that are different. This is just not the place for you.


If you like a nice quiet campus that gives you a safe secure feeling of being on a campus seperated from the out side then this is the school for you. In other words, if you like to sometimes live in your own bubble then this is where to be.


People that shouldn't attend Montclair State is people that isn't ready to become open-minded. Since this school is so diverse, students coming in need to have a sense of open-mind because he/she will experience things from other people that may seem weird at first but soon will seem normal.


The kind of person who should no attend this school are students who want to live in a city like campus. Students who like large classrooms with over 100 people should not attend this school. Also students studying nursing should not attend this school because there is no specific nursing program. Students who want to have a school with a lot of people should not apply as well.


This school is NOT for students who want to party their years away. It is largely a commuter school, and the classes are not the easiest. Only students dedicated to their learning and future careers should attend Montclair State University. Those who are dedicated students will really enjoy this school and the classes it offers.


Someone who is more into partying than school should not consider Montclair State University. It can be easy to fall behind if you are not focused or don't stay on top of schoolwork. Also, someone who is not open to new things or a diverse environment would not do well at this university.


Montclair is a public state school so anyone wishing to attend a private university obviously wouldn't choose the school.


Montclair State University is an excellent school and I believe that a person who is not ready to start a college career or undergo a change into becoming an adult shouldn't attend this school. Montclair has helped me mature and grow as person and student.


Students that are lazy and not social.


Someone who is not willing to make the best of their experience. Somone who wont look at the calander and see the shows or events going on every night, or realize how easy it is to take the train right on campus directly in to NYC.


A social butterfly should not attend this school.


Anyone can attend Montclair State University.


A person who keeps to themselves; this school is very socially involved.


Really conservative people because it's a very liberal school. Also, Ivy League types shouldn't attend because it's pretty much your general state school, so the academics are okay, but not stellar. Students looking for a conservatory theater/dance training shouldn't attend because even though the theater program is good, it does not offer every student the kind of opportunities needed to get that conservatory training. The music program, however, offers conservatory type training.


one that's looking for a challenge.


I think all kind of people should attend this school, it is a very diverse place everyone is welcome.


Montclair State is a very diverse school. The professors, along with the students, are from many different countries and continents around the world. If a person did not feel comfortable in an enviroment like that than he should not attend this school.


people who are unable to focus on work and are unsure what they want from an education


A person that is looking for an ivy league school or wants a great deal or people living on campus.


Someone shouldn't attend this school if they prefer to be on a huge campus with huge classes where they will be lost in the crowd.


People who are not comfortable with an extremely diverse student body should not go here.


Someone who doesn't want to learn.


This school is great for everyone, however it is a very theatre focused school.


Someone who is shy or has difficulty in social atmospheres. MSU is a big school and if you want to be content, it is important not to be afraid to speak up.


Someone who doesn't like a big surrounding, being near the city, not appreciative of the arts


Any student who is thinking about becoming a teacher or an art major should concider Montclair State University. Montclair is a blue ribbon school for obtaining a teaching degree and is very involved in the arts. I wouldn't recommend Montclair if you don't have a car and plan to be a resident on campus. I'm beginning to feel that Montclair has a higher population of commuters so it is dead on the weekends. If a student is looking for a medium size school with a beautiful campus in a safe area Montclair is the school for them.