Montclair State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The shuttle buses take a very long time to show up sometimes. It gets very cold in the winter and students have to wait outside for up to a half an hour for a shuttle. Other students get upset because they are late to class because of this.


The major I am involved in (athletic training) requires each student to have their own transportation to attend intenships. This is extremely frustrating because myself along with a few other students do not own a car, and this makes our daily routines very difficult beacuse our clinical sites are often very far away from our school.


The commuting and the price of parking.


The most frustrating thing about Montclair State is the construction throughout the school. Sometimes to park there are detours, and when they work construction while I have class makes me loose focus. Another frustrating thing is everything is expensive, because I was raised from a budget spending family so when I see a price on a sandwich is ten dollars it is a lot. The small desks some classes have irritates me, because my notebook don't fit so how do I write? The over population in some classes, because over 100 students the attendence simply wastes time and money.


The most the frustrating thing about my school is that on the weekends everyone tends to go home and there is nothing to do. My school is a huge community but it doesnt mean people still don't live on campus and stay on the weekend there is just nothing available for those who do stay on campus on the weekends. Also, its hard to adjust espescially with getting financial aid if students decide to transfer from other colleges or universities in the middle of the year or from one semester to the other.


Sometimes it can be really hard to get ahold of people in administrative offices. They don't always call back or return messages, and that can be really frustrating when you need an answer. As a student you really need to make the effort and keep trying to reach someone.


Financial Aid. I have contacted numerous times over the years of my attendance. They have no scholarships available for me, even though I am a very hard-working student who remains on the deans list. Last year an anonomous donation of 5 Million Dollars was made to MSU. It is very frustrating that no matter how hard I seem to try, I cannot seem to find any scholarships.


The most frustrating thing about my school are the shuttle buses. Waiting for them to come when you need to be somewgere or it is twenty degrees out is not fun.


To be honest, I have not been able to find anything frustrating about my school. My first semester was a blast and really taught me a lot about myself. I really enjoyed the first half of my freshman year at Montclair State University, and I hope that this upcoming semester will be just as good.


Several months ago, Montclair began building a new on-campus parking deck. The erection of this parking deck has caused parking lot and road closures, traffic, delaying commuters and public transportation, as well as a slight decrease in attendance. Guaranteed, there are many parking lots, but there are also many, many cars on campus. As frustrating as this all is, it is beneficial to the university. More cars on campus obviously means a greater student enrollment.


no social life and staff exculding professors very unhelpfu


The most frustrating thing about my school is the financial aid office. They seem to work very slowly and often neglect to inform students if they are missing important paperwork required to process their financial aid, leaving students high and dry and unable to provide information efficiently. Financial aid awards take an exceptionally long time to process and be heard of from students as well, in my experience.


The Fact that the rooms are small and that the elevators dont really work.


living off campus and still commuting to a 4 year school


i think the only thing about this school that bothers me the most is really how overpriced everything is. the dorm rooms are the size of my room at home and you share with 2 other people only topay thousands of dollars a semester. the food is not the greatest thing in the world yet your paying for a six dollar sandwhich that used to cost around 4 dollars.




writing papers. its just time consuming and you never know what your gonna get


the most fustrating thing about my school is the teachers and how some of them don't go out of thier way to help the students. I feel that some of the teachers just come to teach at that is it. When they answer a question, it is mostly to tell the students that they cant help. Also the teachers don't seem to care if their information was clear to the students. Many students have to figure out what the teacher is trying to teach than actually learning.


The most frustrating thing about Montclair State University would be housing. Being a state university, you would think we would have enough housing for our students. However, Montclair is a very over populated university where we accept too many people that want to live on campus and not commute. We have a lot of students living in a hotel off campus where they need to take a shuttle just to get to campus that comes maybe every hour or so. Also, if it is not the housing, it is the parking, we do not have enough parking spaces for everyone.


Parking is very limited, so we use the NJ Transit Deck on the outer edge of campus. It's great that the deck's there to accomodate students, but it's far from where I dorm; I depend on the shuttle a lot. This becomes especially important in the rain or snow, both of which are extremely common at my school. Because the shuttles take so long to get around, I've waited up to 30 minutes for a shuttle until I've given up and decided to walk back to my room -- sometimes alone at night.


Bills and other important issues such as applying for houseing are done online and computers are not always 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} reliable. Fees and holds can be put on one's account without the student's knowledge unless they continuously check their account.


I have no idea what to do after I graduate.