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In high school I was told by nearly all my teachers that my college professors would not care about me, but with Montgomery College it is different. All my current and past professors have demonstrated that they really want their students to be successful. The small class sizes give students opportunities to make one on one connections with professors that they would otherwise not have in a large four year university. The college’s low price of classes gives low income students the opportunity to earn their associates and transfer right into a Maryland four year university.


My school is more diverse than other schools I considered. They have people from all over the world. It is a small school.


Something that is unique about my school is its constant growth, both curriculum wise and physically. Montgomery College is constantly expanding its class offerings to include more diverse options for its student body. The college is constantly kindling new partnerships with other colleges and universities both here in the states and overseas. As far as the physical aspect of the school itself, every semester one of the campuses has a building either being built or being renovated. The college is constantly improving its environment to better supply what its students need in order to excel.


To most a community college is just like ?high school?, but even though it is about 20 minutes from my house, it still makes me feel like being in a university. The first reason being that after classes the library provides a place where there are parts in which you can socialize and also be by yourself and concentrate on your work. The unique part about MC is that even though it is not as big as other universities, the organization of their clubs and department offices are distinctive amongst others, you can never not find the right place.


They are very convienant and flexible in regards to the learning experience. They offer 3 different campuses to take your classes which allows you the opportunity to explore the school and all it has to offer as well getting in the classes that you need. There is always someone available and willing to assist you with your concerns and issues. There is constant communication between departments which minimizes the chances of issues arrising. Overall, they are sensitive to the college experience and are there to guide you through the adjustment.


They class setting is smalller so the professor has more authority over the students, and the students can fully rely on the aid of their professors. Same classes that you would take in a university, but cheaper the price. The quality of professors are superb and reliable individuals that want to see that you succeed.


My school is open to any opportunities. One opportunity is that the school will allow a local restaurants to sell their food on the campus. It would be set up outside and they would cook and sell delicious foods such as barbeque foods and mexican cuisine. Another unique thing about my school is that there would be a dance off. Music is heard all over campus and there would be a big crowd of students and professors to watch students battle. I never imagine a campus to have many talented students. Those are some unique entertainments at my school.


The quality of the education you get for the price. The coursework seems to be as rigorous as any of the area universities', but it's very inexpensive for in-county residents. It seems like everyone in the county has taken at least a course or two at Montgomery College.


The moist amazing thing I find to brag about when it comes to Montgomery College is the broad diversity of its student body. I consider myself to be an individual whom is eager to meet and learn something of the customs and ways of every student that I come in to contact with; a sort of ambasador of goodwill if you please. I feel it not only broadens my horizons but it also alllows me an opportunitty to dispel some of the rumors about the American blackman.


I was thinking about going to the Univeristy of Maryland, but MC is much cheaper and the nursing program here is very good.