Montgomery College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Study hard


Before I had came to Montgomery College, I wish I had known to apply to scholarships and order books from another site to save money that I could use to go to paying back the loans that I do have to pay after I graduate and transfer.


I wish I had known what classes were required for my intended major, instead of wasting my time on unnecessary courses.


I wish I had known about all of the different scholarships available to me at this college. The staff at the college are very patient and helpful when they work with you to find money you may need.


Before coming to Montgomery College I wish I had done more research about colleges that offer online degree programs. The great thing about Montgomery College is it is affordable, but because of my three children and schedule I prefer to take online courses only. Montgomery College offers many online courses, yet they don't currently offer an Associate Degree program that can be obtained completely through online study. With this knowledge I probably would have started my college education where I could obtain my degree completely online.


When people heard that I was applying to Montgomery College, they were often at a loss for words. Community colleges are often looked down upon as "poor schools", so I often felt embarrassed as I filled out my application during my senior year of high school. However, I discovered that Montgomery College is an amazing school. The small classes provide me with the perfect environment for me to interact with the professors and truly learn. I wish that I had known about Montgomery College's positive aspects sooner in order to fully appreciate it as it is.


I wish I had known that it would have been very expensive.


I wish I had known that the people who say that they are there to help you, are not always being truthful. The bureaucracy runaround of certain departments is deplorable.


I wish I had known about the tough work load before attending this university. I feel as if I would have been better prepared to handle my first semesters had I known this.


There is not much I can include in this category because I am wholly satisfied with my experience thus far with Montgomery College. I believe the only thing I wish is that they would have more strongly identified those students who are in continuing education programs compared to traditional freshman, sophomore, junior and senior students, so it would be easier to find and bond with those having similar experiences to mine.