Montgomery College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Classes work with your schedule as well as certain profressors who are willing to go above and beyond for your benefit.


Most professors are really heloful and are concerned about the students' success. The entire staff is always interested in the success of the students, even the janitorial service workers.


I think the best think about my school is the amount of racial and ethnic diersity on campus. I do not feel like there is one race or gender dominating the campus, but as though we all respresent so many different countries.


The best thing about my school in the quality of the teachings and their flexibilty. This is a school with students from all kinds of background where any student despite his origins would feel comfortable. Montgomery College has good laboratories especially for those who apply in science areas.


Personally I consider the professors the best part of school. The reason is that the professors demonstrate helpfulness and the knowledge of the subjects. The professors demonstrate helpfulness when they display concern and interest in the values and morals of the students. The professors illustrate their knowledge when they are lecturing and going in depth with the lesson that is being displayed. Learning from a brilliant professor in a format that bests fit me allows the education process to become simpler.


What I consider the best thing about my school is that it represents a global community with students coming from over 160 countries. Wherever I turn, I see someone from a different country which gives me the chance to learn from many cultures and share mine. It is nice going to my classes and hearing French on one side, Chinese on the other and a variety of other languages in the back. I appreciate my school?s diversity very much and consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy this multicultural environment on a daily basis.


I am a freshman in college, and the experience in Montgomery College has been memorable. I admit that Montgomery College was not my first choice, but when I embarked into my classes I found that MC provides not just a good education but a comfortable atmosphere. The best thing about Montgomery College is that to any student, it gives you an outlook of what college is really like and how different it is than what most high school students imagine a community college to be. Montgomery College is the best choice to begin your college experience.


It is close to home and less expensive than a 4-year university.


I attend a community college. This school has made it easier for me to get more comfortable with the pace of school, not only by providing me with the tools and accesibility to reach out for help but also with the diversity in courses, teachers are well known in their majors, and their only goal is for us the students to succeed and learn.


Many people have pre-conceived notions about community colleges. However, the best thing about my school and the students in it is that it doesn't fit the traditional stereotypes of community colleges. I am proud of the solid education I have received from Montgomery College. Additionally, I am proud of the fact that I got involved in the many different activities such as the Macklin Business Institute and the Women's soccer team in order to make the most of my college experience. The best thing about my school is what I've learned and gotten out of it.