Moravian College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The food. Not enough diversity in the menu and not enough different meal plan options available.


The way credits are done at Moravian is by far the worst thing. Every class is worth one credit unit and science labs count as no credit classes. This causes science majors to have a much heavier work load than other majors because not only are they taking 4 lecture classes that meet 2 or three times a week they are also taking three, 3 hour labs each week.


It's not very diverse in regards to our hometowns. Many of us went to competing high schools, The learning environment would be better if we didn't come up through the same public education system.


The worst thing about Moravian College is perhaps the lack of much racial diversity and classes that promote the intensive study of various cultures. While there are classes that focus on different cultures, and there are individual students who are of races other than white, these are in the lower percentiles of overall class and student populations.


I would have to say the work load. I am a Nursing major, I don't know if it is just because of my Nursing major or the work load is this heavy for all majors.


probably that the people aren't exactly like me and sometimes i feel that im surrounded by people who are different. slower, dress differently. its not that new jersey pace that im used to. also the size is a little small i wish there were more people


The student services is too involved with what happens in students' free time. I feel that you are at college for a reason and you are supposed to learn to be an adult, not have student affairs breathing down your neck with each individual mistake.


The worst thing about Moravian is the cost of tuition. However, I do feel that my education is worth the cost 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}! Although it is a bit pricy, I value the education I am receiving and I know that I am going to get the proper education to succeed in life with the field od interest I now study.


Either the cost (which outweighs the benefits in my opinion) or the fact that it's so small.


It is pretty school, so not too many people know about it. We don't have very many fans such as a big 10 college, which sucks when you are an athlete here.


Moravian is a very small, closed campus. There is hardly any ethnic diversity, and the students here who actually are different are sort of ignored and swept underneath the rug. In addition to this, there is never anything significant going on to help resident students (those who are not involved in sororities and/or fraternities) maintain a social life. On the weekends, the campus is such a ghost town that it actually can cause students' serotonin levels to drop. Everyone goes home. Not much is done in terms of fun, engaging activities that don't require alcohol consumption.


We can't get any meals after 8:00 pm.


not commuter friendly at all


The worst thing about Moravain is the parking situation, as well as the use of funds. It is not a cheap school, but it seems as if the money they are being paid by the students to attend is not being used properly. Parking at Moravian is near impossible. They have raised the prices for parking, and have a limited number of available spots.


The lack of ingenuity, and ambitions.


The student body size, I wish there were more students.


It is very small and sometimes I don't feel as though I'm getting the experience of people I know who go to larger schools. The bigger the school the larger the chance for interaction with more people.


There's no one thing that sticks out to me as being the worst at my school, but I am not happy with the parking situation and the fact that they dramatically increased the price of parking tags this year. I am also not happy with their fitness facility; it is small and outdated and it doesnt look like it belongs at a 35,000 a year school.